Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

doo doo doo doo... Here comes the sun And I say Its alright Little darling Its been a long cold lonely winter Little darling It seems like years since it's been here Here comes the sun Here comes the sun And I say Its alright ~The Beatles Todd called our remodeling contractor today, because it is less than two weeks until demolition day and it seems like we haven't picked out all our materials yet, and I was getting worried. But according to their schedule, we are not behind, so that put our minds at ease for now. For now, LOL. I'm a worrier and a planner, so I'm sure my worries will creep back again in a few more days. You know what will probably bother me a lot when the remodeling is going on? The dust. I can't imagine how we're going to keep clean. :: sigh :: I downloaded's bookmaking software "Booksmart" today and played with it. Mainly I started making a book from my blog. It's very intuitive and I took a screenshot so you can see. After you've "slurped" your blog entries and photos, the blog entry titles are on the left. All you have to do is highlight a blog entry and click on the "Add To Book" button above the entries on the left, and your blog entry becomes a page in the book on the right. The above format is the default, but you can click on various formats in the upper left-hand corner, with varying number of photos and text boxes. The pages you've made appear as thumbnails on the bottom. Overall very easy! I just hope my blog can fit within the 440-page limit at the end of the year... I'd hate to have to separate it into two books. Oh and good news for my international friends... they do ship to Europe and Asia too! Here is the list of countries they currently ship to. I've had a lot of socializing with friends the last couple of weeks. I'm laying low for a while, at least until our remodeling starts. As much as I wish it could be the case, it can't be all fun all the time. I'm the accountant/financial person of our household and I still need to do our 2008 tax returns! (And you thought I was a slug who mooched off my husband's cooking every day, ha ha!) And also pay bills. And pay my dad's bills (with his money, that is.) My mom took care of all bill-paying details when she was alive. After she passed away, I set up all my dad's bills to come electronically so I can help him pay his bills online. He travels quite a bit and I was worried that his bills wouldn't get paid. So these are the kind of "fun" stuff I do! No worries though, I have plenty of fun, and I know that! :)


  1. What a cool pictures! I love the reflection on the hood of the car! I'm glad you are reporting on Blurb so I can learn more about how it works. :)

  2. That is a beautiful sunset! Love the blue sky!

    Thank you for sharing about Blurb. I'm scrapping each week, and are looking for somewhere to print it after three months, and this looks good with reasonable prices.

    It was bill-paying day here yesterday too. I'm in charge of all financial, and just tells Daniel how much he should put into the account. =) As I'm a little controll freak, and he is not, this works great for us!

  3. First, GREAT song (and photo)!! I'll be humming that all day today (rainy day here, I might add).
    And cool looking book! I might have to look into that. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Heather (the Lord Family) had a Blurb book looks AWESOME! Can't wait to hear how yours turns out..

  5. Great blurb book start. Are you going back to the blog or redoing the photos in blurb to high res? I too am interested in doing a book from my blog and have always resized photos for web so just wondering how you are handling that part. Love your site!

  6. Uggghhhh...taxes. I forgot about those. Well, Rick has to get our stuff to our CPA. I put it off as long as I can (which isn't too much longer) because we will have to pay...a lot!! I hate that California wants their money even if my husband works in Alaska all year where they don't have State Tax!

    I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of photos of your remodeling soon!!

  7. wow, wow, wow it´s amazing! I love it! If I could, I would be there beaming!

  8. great song and a fantastic shot!

    Beam me up .... please!! Here the weather is so terrible!

    Thanks for your informations about Blurb.

  9. This is great! THANK YOU!!! I want to print my blog when my project 365 is up and this is perfect. I was wondering how I was going to do it. I like the idea of starting to format now so I don't have to do it all at the end. And Here Comes the Sun is one of my favourite songs. Great post from start to finish. Thank you so much!!!


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