Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An "Urban" Escape

A few people have asked me what font I use to journal on my photos of the day. It's called CK Marissa. It's on sale for $1 right now at ScrapNFonts. However, they are retiring all CK fonts sometime in the near future, so if you want to check out their sale, do it soon! I had a great day of doing things. I went to the office, worked, and had lunch with some work friends from my previous department. Photobucket Then after work, Todd and I drove down to North Park to meet Sally for dessert at Heaven Sent Desserts. Sally was treating me dessert and dinner (yes, in that order) for my birthday, which was last week. Photobucket They have a special called "Afternoon Delight" (he he) that runs daily from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM, whereby you get two desserts and two drinks for only $10! So that's why we had to eat dessert before dinner, so we'd get the special price. Here's Todd, in his element: Photobucket Sally & I: Photobucket Sally got this strawberry cake and it was delicious and light. (Yea... I had a bite.) Photobucket Todd and I got these mango coconut mousse cake and chocolate mousse cake, which only counted as ONE dessert! Apparently at Heaven Sent Desserts, 1+1=1. Photobucket We also got a blood orange hot tea and an iced tea included in that $10 price. Such a great deal! Todd had to run off after dessert, because he was meeting with a philosophy club called "Socrates Cafe" at the Urban Grind Coffeehouse in Hillcrest. (Can everyone say..."SO-CRATES"? - ala Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, ha ha.) Todd had been to Socrates Cafe philosophy meetup twice before, but then the group disbanded. They just recently got back together and he was eager to meetup for some philosophical discussions. Tonight's topic that everyone voted on was "Why do we need validation?" Here's the group at the meetup: Photobucket So after Todd went off for the philosophy meetup, Sally and I walked around the corner to Urban Solace for dinner. Photobucket Todd had been wanting to take me here because we had heard it was good food. They serve urban comfort food. We sat at the bar: Photobucket The place felt hip yet homey. It was friendly & warm as if everyone knew each other. Sally got a portobello mushroom burger and I got a regular hamburger. Photobucket And we shared a side order of macaroni & cheese with tomatoes and bacon: Photobucket Sally & I took our time eating, and chatted and caught up with each others' lives. I hadn't seen her in a few weeks and it was too long! Great food, great friend, cool urban setting. I enjoyed it quite a bit! Then we drove back to Sally's place and Todd picked me up after his meeting. This was the perfect mid-week pick-me-up. :)


  1. mhmm yummy! Great shots!

  2. Sounds like a great day! The dessert looked yummy and the urban comfort food even yummier! The macaroni and cheese with tomatoes and bacon??? YUM!!! And once again, your blog makes me hungry! LOL!
    And, happy belated birthday!

  3. your food on the shots is always yummy!

    Thanks for your time-information on my blog!

    Seems you had a wonderful belated birthday with Sally. My haircolour is the same as by Sally and I also wear eyeglasses.

  4. Oh my, those desserts looks sooo yummy!! Heavensent desserts sounds like a place for me. :)

    So nice that you had a fun night out, and sometimes it is lovely to be "just the girls" for a while. :) Great picture of you and Sally!

  5. These are great! This is what I need to do more often - take pictures while out and about. I am always too embarassed to pull out my camera. Thanks for the inspiration. Love the shot with the girl and the sign above her head - great angle! Great pictures as usual.

  6. OMG - Those burgers look bigger than our heads!!! It WAS a great evening - thanks for coming down!

  7. I'm still laughing at the Bill & Ted's reference!

    Yummy desserts!

  8. Between your pictures of the oh-so-wonderful desserts and The Lord Family's rainbow cupcakes, y'all are going to make me gain 10 pounds just from reading blogs! Christine, do you ever go through a fast food drive-thru? I was just wondering, because if I took pictures of my restaurants, you would get to see Jared in the drive thru at McDs. He's a nice guy..going to school to be a history teacher..he notices when I don't have all four kids..yes, I spend too much time in the drive-thru. Have a good one!

  9. It's a good thing I just had dinner before coming by here. That macaroni salad looks awfully yummy, but I've got an awful sweet tooth right now, so I think I'd end up going for the desserts!! Must be that time of month.

    I have to say...I'm with Jennifer. I'm always a little too embarrassed to be pulling out my camera everywhere, and that is why I don't end up with photos everyday. Something I need to get over.


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