Monday, March 23, 2009

Psychology of Eating

Photo today: I had planned to take today off from work, but opted to take a day off later this week instead. So off to work I went, even on this beautiful cloudless day. :p I'm been thinking about my eating habits lately. I know based on my blog it seems that I eat a lot. I do eat more than I used to two years ago. I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I'm slightly sad (but not when I'm REALLY sad or stressed). I eat when I'm socializing with people. In other words, food is just a big part of my social/psychological life. I know I can be thinner if I ate less food. (DUH.) But I would rather exercise for now. In the past when I was in my thinnest and best shape, I cut back and ate smaller portions, and I exercised probably 5-6 days a week, doing aerobics, running, weights, jazz dance, and yoga. I would sometimes even exercise twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening. I really WAS in good shape and I ran my fastest 5k at that time (circa 2004-2005). Being thin was a lot of HARD work! I know I'm 10-12 lbs overweight now. Even though I've been running a lot, I've also been hungry and eating a lot, so I haven't lost any weight. Am I happy with myself and the way I look? I think I could stand to lose some fat around my gut area. I have a few pairs of cute jeans that I can't fit into anymore. They're just hanging in my closet mocking me. One of these days I'll be motivated to really try to lose weight. I'm adding weight training slowly back into my weekly routines. I'm convinced that it's not that our metabolism slows down when we get older, but it's a side-effect of losing muscle mass as we get older. So if I build up my muscles a little more, the weight will come off. This has been true in the past when I've lost fat. Isn't it weird how much we women think about our weight?


  1. First in the morning I look what´s new on Christines blog... it´s a wonderful welcome each day, to see your wonderful pictures mostly of cloudless read your journalings and participate a little bit of your life!

    You´re right looking on your blog seems that you eat a lot... but you also go in for much sports, so that doesn´t matter.

    I have to lose weight, too - but I don´t go in for sports LOL, that´s worse.

    So furthermore enjoy your meal - and time with friends together! You are a so beautiful woman and in my view also lank.

  2. I just love looking at pictures showing sun, palms and good weather! Far, far from where I live! Take care!

  3. Lovely photo of your work, it is so beautiful with all the palm trees and the clear blue sky.

    I try not to think too much about what I eat, as long as I am enjoying it, and how much I weight, as long as I feel fine. If the clothes don't fit it is an excellent excuse to buy new. =) To me it is not worth all the sacrifices to stay extremely fit, the most important is to feel content and happy with one self! Good food and exercising I enjoy will get me there.

  4. What did I just read?!?! You are not overweight. I repeat: You are not overweight. You look so freakin' good for your age, Christine. People's metabolism's DO slow, but not on some schedule. I made it to almost 40 before I suddenly saw the gain while actually eating less. And my exercise during that time was constant. But you're correct that the appearance can be countered by adding more muscle.

    You also eat a lot of healthful ingredients in your food, so keep eating what you love. It suits you well! And remember: exercise DOES make you more hungry. I read a couple of studies on it and discovered for myself when you stop exercising, your appetite decreases (eventually). But then you get the jiggles, so I'd rather exercise and eat in moderation.

  5. Ah...women and their weight..

    First, Christine, you look just fabulous. I would get rid of the blue jeans hanging in your closet. Anyone that gets up before sunrise on a SATURDAY to run 14 miles doesn't deserve to be mocked by a pair of pants. And for the amount of food...anyone that gets up before sunrise on a SATURDAY to run 14 miles deserves to eat whenever and whatever she wants!

    Your blog brings so much joy to so many people. What would we do without your food pictures? (I don't really want to see pictures of diet food, I see that all day at my house...I'm finally losing the 30 pounds of baby weight. That particular baby is turning 12 in two weeks...:)

    Your fun, creative and food filled life brings smiles to many are a blessing, just the way you are!

  6. I love how honest you are ;-) You are doing very well. Running as much as you do wow YOU GO GIRL! ;-)

    Your picture is beautiful! Those skies nice. I wish I was near the beach like you, To walk/run near it that would be amazing. Enjoy each day ;-) Don't be so hard on yourself :-) You are living your life. Some pepps don't even do that ;-)

  7. O almost forgot, as for the Artichokes we had some veggies, or should I saw flowers lol from them 2 years ago. We had to move them and they stayed small, due to yard redo. But once these babies got there spot oo they loved it and took over. I hope to get tons this year. They are so great. We all love them here.

  8. wow... absolut awsome! I love it!

  9. Don't be too hard on yourself - you look fantastic! Food is pleasure for you - and look at how much of it is healthy and veggie-filled. Just be mindful and keep at your exercise - you're already on track for long term good health.

  10. Great shot! I wish we had palm trees here. :( Unfortunately they wouldn't fair so well in the snow lol.

  11. Ok...yes I need to exercise. I'm just so unmotivated. I'm a people person when I exercise and if I don't have someone, I just don't do it. I seriously am going to look into classes at the LA Fitness right up the street from me! LOL!

    You look fabulous Christine!


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