Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Could Have Been

Photo today: Photobucket Today was the San Diego audition of season 15 of the CBS reality show The Amazing Race. Todd and I had planned on going. But after the long run yesterday and driving two hours to visit my dad and driving two hours back, we were loath to get up in the middle of the night to stand in line for the audition. AND... the application was 13 pages long. Photobucket And we hadn't had time to complete it. Photobucket AND we didn't have time to write a script for our two minute audition video. So... our once-in-a-lifetime chance at traveling the world and winning $1 million was gone. Poof! I blame all our hopes and dreams on making it into the Amazing Race on Peppermint. Here's a snippet of our conversation earlier in the week, on my birthday in fact. Me: Oh, Todd and I are thinking of trying out for the Amazing Race. They're having tryouts in San Diego. Peppermint: DO IT!!! Peppermint: Oh you have to!! Me: What if we get picked though? Do we have to quit our jobs? Peppermint: Don't you think they'd let you take time off? Peppermint: I mean, I imagine you'd start just by taking as much vacation as you can Peppermint: It's only a month long race I think. Peppermint: and you get paid partially for how you place, on a graduated scale on how high you finish. Me: I dunno. I don't think The Amazing Race qualifies as a leave of absence where they HAVE TO hold your job for you when you come back. Peppermint: Well no, but they might just out of the kindness of their heart Peppermint: and you can take vacation Peppermint: and if you win $1MIL who cares? Me: Yea, I do have a ton of vacation. Peppermint: And if you don't win, then you'll be back before your vacation runs out. Me: True Me: Peppermint: Plus think of all the great photo-a-day pictures you'd get. LOL Peppermint: ANd the scrapping! Peppermint: DEAR LORD THE SCRAPPING! Me: What am I going to talk about for 2 minutes on camera??? Me: "I scrap" :: stare :: Peppermint: You just talk about how you and Todd are adventurous, you refuse to get "old and tame", you have a strong marriage, he's your best friend, you like to stay in shape, you're strong competitors, etc. Peppermint: All that bull the other Amazing Race people say Peppermint: This is an opportunity for a once in a lifetime adventure. Peppermint: Blah blah blah. Me: I've run a marathon, and I've jumped out of airplane. :: hopeful look :: Peppermint: Yea! Peppermint: you guys set your mind to something and you do it! Peppermint: Together! Peppermint: You're a team! Peppermint: And your mom died, and you realize life is short, and when else do you get chances like these. Peppermint: They'll eat that up. Me: But don't they look for people with drama? Todd and I don't have that. Peppermint: No, they don't. They usually put one "drama" team in Peppermint: although this season I haven't figured out who that is. Peppermint: No one is really combative. Me: Ooo, you're good at marketing me! Peppermint: Yea, you guys just worry about auditioning and I'll write you something up to memorize. Me: LMAO Peppermint: YOU HAVE TO GO!! Peppermint: At least try. Peppermint: Then you can blog about it. :: tempt tempt :: Me: Oh and I should tell them I'm doing Project 365. Peppermint: Yea .. Me: "I scrap." :: stare again :: Peppermint: Plus you get to lose a bunch of weight from running around doing all this crazy stuff! Peppermint: and go to, like, 20 countries or something. Me: That would be very cool. The going to the other countries. Me: Free trips! Me: I'm saving our conversation so I can fill out my form and memorize for my 2 min tape, if I get in to do it. Peppermint: LOL Peppermint: ok Peppermint: Well Todd has to speak for part of that too Peppermint: so you can do a minute and he can do a minute Me: Oh true Me: He's a toastmaster Me: He kin do it! Peppermint: exactly! Me: Oh and I'm taking hula lessons starting tomorrow. Peppermint: Yea, so you can talk about that Peppermint: How you guys are always trying new things Peppermint: like bird poop coffee Now she's all disappointed in me that I didn't go do it. :( Sorry I'm too lazy to audition for The Amazing Race Peppermint! Cuz, you know, I live a very full life of... eating...taking photos, blogging, and scrapping. :: stare :: So our next door neighbors Fred & Annie called us this morning and invited us over for some corned beef dinner tonight, in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Of course we couldn't turn that down. So we had a light lunch sharing a bowl of Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. Photobucket Then we watched the Buckeyes play Purdue in the Big Ten basketball tournament and lose. :( Then it was Irish dinner time! We walked the long trek next door and played with cats and ate good food. What could be better? Photobucket Photobucket Fred & Annie & Todd: Photobucket AND Annie made a cake! Photobucket With neighbors like this, no wonder I'm not losing any weight. Oh and Annie said that all the materials that went into dinner, including dessert, only cost $12! And there was enough for another meal for four people. Wow! So back to yesterday because I didn't get a chance to post about our visit to my dad's house. I wanted to see him before he left on a trip to Asia. So we drove up to LA and visited for lunch and dinner and came home. Here's a lunch of SEVEN Chinese dishes for $24! Some fish filet and some kind of Chinese melon with mushrooms: Photobucket Some clay pot chicken: Photobucket Eggplant dish and beef with tomato dish: Photobucket Pork dish, and tofu dish: Photobucket My dad and Shelly enjoying lunch: Photobucket After lunch we stopped by my dad's office, and there were lemon trees and orange trees there. They wanted Todd to pick some off the trees because he's tall and has long arms. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket The orange tree had these beautiful and VERY fragrant blossoms going on: Photobucket The highlight of a dinner with leftovers was that Shelly made Todd's favorite Chinese dessert, sweet red bean soup! Todd was so excited, LOL. Photobucket There's rice balls filled with sesame and peanut paste. Very tasty!


  1. I am very glad that it is dinner time here as looking at your blog always make me hungry.LOL. I think that it was the last Amazing Race that I watched that came to Australia. It looked like you need to have luck more then skill on your side.

  2. I agree with Sandra! Looking at your blog always make me hungry, too! And I wanted to know how it´s possible to be so slender, by all this food!! Boah it´s fantastic.

    If I see something to eat... I gain...

    But I love to see more of your wonderful pictures and hear more of your stories.

    If I´ll sometimes come to San Diego
    I´ll visit you, for a great lunch after a run... ;-))

  3. You would have been great on the Amazing Race! But, 13 pages, sleep deprivation, a video audition...I dunno, your life already seems like an Amazing Race to me..and you got to sleep all night. And...I don't remember the Amazing Race folks getting to eat lots of good food and taking pictures of it for their bloggy friends. So, you made the right decision, definitely!

    Real quick, you know those orange blossoms..fragrant aren't they?? Imagine running 3 miles through orange groves covered with blossoms...that's what I had to do when I ran Cross Country in HS. Can we say "choke" on the smell???

    One more thing, then I'll get off your comment section...anyway you could post the recipe to Sweet Red Bean Soup?? Red beans + soup = dessert is really messing with my Southern brain!

  4. Sorry that you didn't get the chance to try out, as you had put your mind to it. I'll bet there will be other exciting things ahead for you anyway!
    Beautiful pictures of all the food, and family and friends. I love the lemon tree-pics, it looks so exotic to me. :)

  5. We should look into some corporate sponsors to make the Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race a travel-the-world type of thing!

    If its any consolation - Purdue beat us too!

  6. Tracey - running through orange blossoms for three miles might be a little too much of a good thing, LOL!
    I'm researching on the sweet red bean soup recipes and will post some later today!

  7. thanks for your lovely post on my blog... certainly I tell you my first name... it´s "Angelika" ....

    Sometimes I´d leave a bigger comment, but my english isn´t so good so I´m unable to expressed me in english words... hope you understand what I mean.

  8. I've never seen the Amazing Race. Now I'll have to look into it and see what it is. I guess coming from someone who has jumped out of a plane, I can see you considering it though!

    The chicken in the clay pot looks SO good! Everything looks yummy. I haven't made dinner yet, but I went to the Mexican grocery store and bought some pollo and carne asada that we'll grill.

    I'm ok with corned long as it has LOTS of mustard on it, but the veggies all look fabulous! I could make a meal on those alone.

  9. Sorry you didn't make it on The Amazing Race! Great pictures and great story.


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