Sunday, March 8, 2009

Busting At The Seams

Ever have one of those days when there's so much life and love that it's just busting at the seams? Yesterday was one of those days. Our next door neighbor Fred turned 60 years old, and all his peeps came to celebrate with him. And when Fred & Annie put on a party, THEY PUT ON A PARTY! So, after our eight mile run yesterday, we hurried home and took showers and cleaned ourselves up. I had balloon duty! Photobucket The amount of food that Annie got together was... incomprehensible. I bow down to her party cooking prowess! She did order some of the food from L&L Hawaiian Barbeque, but she cooked most of it. ~WOW~ Photobucket
  1. Vegetarian and meat lumpia (my favorite Filipino food!)
  2. Saffron rice
  3. All kinds of nuts
  4. Olive goodness
  5. Salad
  6. Chinese sesame crackers
  7. Chorizo cheese nachos
  8. Fruit salad
  9. Pancit noodles (Filipino) and BBQ chicken (Hawaiian)
  10. Baked gnocchi and veggie lasagne
  11. Sausages
  12. Meffuleta sandwiches
In addition, Annie labeled all of the food so we knew what we were pigging out on. She's very organized! The amazing Annie, doing the "Vanna White": Photobucket Besides the main dishes, there was a side table of good eats: Photobucket Heading over to the next room, the desserts: Photobucket Look how awesome these party favor chocolates are! Photobucket Heading over to the coffee table: Photobucket Yes, I'm serious. Fred really is a coffee nut, isn't he? But hey, we all get to benefit, so no complaints from me! Here are some of the labels closer up. Fred actually printed out a menu to hand out to guests. Photobucket Above the dessert table, we all enjoyed this "Wall of Fred": Photobucket This one is even funnier. Annie made a panel of "Yes He Can" photos of Fred doing stuff like skiing with a gorilla suit on, riding motorbikes, sailing, etc. Photobucket Fred is an engineer. This is one of a number of patents that he owns: Photobucket At one point, some of Fred's friends brought in a well-designed and engineered "gift" for Fred. I present, the Geriatric Toilet: Photobucket It comes complete with remote control sounds of toilet enjoyment, and the engineering manual. Fred was super-stoked to try it out. Ok, now onto the main topic of conversation of the party: the heralded Bird Poop Coffee. I present, the Brazil Jacu Bird Coffee: Photobucket Yes, the Jacu bird in Brazil eat the ripe coffee cherries and poop out the beans. They are then collected, cleaned, and dried. The owner of the farm considers it a form of natural selection of beans, whereby the birds pick the best beans to eat. The Bird Poop Coffee offered endless entertainment as Fred's friends jockeyed for position for a taste: Photobucket Photobucket (Psst... I used Peppermint's Macchiato Lightroom Preset on these. I rather like how they turned out.) Of course, any good party has a wild party animal who livens up the party for everyone: Photobucket Andy with Fred. Andy is a huge connoisseur of coffee as well, and performed barista duties during the party: Photobucket Yvonne with Andy. Yvonne actually has a coffee cart in front of Kaiser Permanente on Claremont Mesa Blvd. She is a high-caliber barista beloved by many who travel far and wide for the pilgrimage to Yvonne's cart. Photobucket One of the highlights of the afternoon was when Jennifer arrived. She is a hula/Tahitian dancer and she's so graceful and absolutely fabulous. We were enthralled as we watched some hip movements that seemed to take her joints out of place. Photobucket Sweet Annie secretly took six lessons from Jennifer, and together they performed a hula dance to Elvis Presley's "Blue Hawaii": Afterwards, there were hugs of appreciation of such a sweet and fun surprise: Photobucket Fred & Annie with Jennifer: Photobucket Annie is dragging me to Thursday night hula lessons with Jennifer now. I can't wait. I already hurt my neck and shoulder from pilates. Can't wait to get my hips out of joint from amateur hula dancing. Yikes! I did get to talk to Jennifer for a while afterwards, and found out that we went to the same church! Not only is she a Christian, but her husband Shawn plays the guitar and used to play at the Thursday night College & Career service. AND Shawn works directly across the street from Todd. AND they live right down the street from us, within a few minutes of walking distance. I was so glad to meet her! Cake time! Check out this incredible birthday cake that has two of Fred's passions on it, coffee, and guitar playing: Photobucket Fred after blowing out some candles. I missed the candle-blowing shot! :( Photobucket Todd helping Annie with the cake: Photobucket Lastly, Fred got some awesome gifts from his friends. Some were gag, some were not. This was of the gag variety: Photobucket An oatmeal box that turned out to be prune juice inside. Useful. Needless to say, this was a party to remember. Here's to Fred! Oh and I almost forgot my photo of today! Photobucket We went to AJ & Meera's church today, and to their house afterwards for lunch. Meera made taco salad and it was super delicious! Then Todd helped AJ with some computer programming homework. I love hanging out with them. :)


  1. wow how many great and funny birthdays pics are these! Seems you had much fun and it was a wonderful party!!!

    The quantity of food is stunning and unbelievable

  2. Looks like it was a great party.

  3. What a party! Great pictures, looks like you all had a lot of fun. I really like the pics with the lightroom preset, they turned out great. Whis I used lightroom so I could try them too.
    Great pic of the day too, they look very cool sitting next to eachother with the same looking computers.

  4. This looks like such a fun party!! amazing food and friends. I loved hearing about the coffee. We actually roast our own coffee from Sweet Marias too and it is definitely addictive!

  5. Now that's a party! So, did you try the bird poo coffee?? I love the lightroom pictures..Fred has a very special wife that obviously loves him very much. What a sweet post!

  6. I posted a comment, and it disappeared!

    The party looks amazing! How wonderful to have such lovely neighbors.

    Thanks for the link to the preset. It looks great!

  7. I would have done some major damage on those food tables. Hey, when I come out there in July will Fred and Annie throw me a party?

  8. Wow, seems that you guys had a wonderful time at Fred's Birthday Party! The food looks amazing and I LOVE all the different coffee blends!

  9. That lookes like it was an awesome party! So much yummy food. That was really nice to look at TFS ;-)

  10. Wow did you do a great job documenting this party!!!! I feel like I was there between your photos and your blogging! :) I had kind of a boring weekend so it was fun to live through you. :)

  11. Now that's a spread of food - an international smorgasbord! Thanks for sharing the pics from this delightful party.


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