Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hippy Hippy Shake

Photo today: Photobucket Look at me! No makeup and au naturel! Tonight was my second hula dance lesson with Jennifer. Annie next door didn't go because she wasn't feeling well, so Margaret and I went. I think I'm getting it a little more this week. I was able to do the hand movements at the SAME time as my feet and my hips! Photobucket It's so weird how our bodies aren't completely balanced. I can sway more with my right hip than my left. And when I run long distances, my left leg hurts more. We found a puddle of water on our kitchen floor tonight. Todd pulled out the dishwasher and found a leak underneath it. Photobucket I think our kitchen KNOWS that remodeling starts in a couple of weeks, and it's shaking its fists at us! "You're trying to replace me... I'll show you!"


  1. Hula lessons would be fun, and much easier on my knees (I think) than any running :D

  2. Great shots from your hula lesson! What a fun class that sounds like. Sorry to hear about the leak but glad to hear you are remodelling anyway. I hope it's a quick and easy fix!

  3. Wow, seems like you are getting forward on the dancing! Great pictures of the action! :) And the close up is so lovely, you all look so happy!
    I couldn't do that, I'm hopeless at dancing and have a hard time relax enough. More like a steady broom sweeping the floor.. :P

  4. Great shot of you three at the hula lesson!! Seems you had much fun.

    Hope nothing special happens through the leak!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend

  5. LOL. I was wondering about something, What method does Fred use to brew his JAVA? And do you know the machine he uses?

  6. Hula lessons sound like so much fun. Super shot of you three...all of you look so beautiful!

    Bummer about the leak. Our leaks always seem to happen when Rick is out of town! I'm not good about things like that...I tend to panic!

    I just went and got all the ingredients that I needed for the Coconut Curry Soup from Cooking Light. I can't wait to make it. It sounds like just the thing to put into my "at least once a month" recipes!! I sent it to my sister in law today too. They'll love it...minus the chicken for her!

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