Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not So Perfect Ten

Photo today: Photobucket It seems wrong to get up at 5:30 AM on a Saturday morning. Just wrong. But that's what we had to do in order to eat some breakfast and drive down to La Jolla Shores by 6:30 AM to run our 10 mile run with WCRR. Photo above taken by me, coming down the hill with a view of the other side of La Jolla Cove. On the left is Cathy, my running mate. My group started running about 15 minutes before Todd's group, because we're slower. Todd also carried a small camera with him on the run, and apparently we have the same eye for photography because he took a photo at almost the exact same spot: Photobucket The sun rising in the east from the La Jolla Shores parking lot: Photobucket Arriving at the edge of the Cove, I captured this beautiful scene of the morning light: Photobucket Running along the coast at Ellen Browning Scripps Park: Photobucket View of the hotels on the south side of the park: Photobucket Coming upon the La Jolla Children's Pool. I don't know why they call it that when it's a seal refuge. Photobucket Photobucket Running further south, this is Windansea Beach: Photobucket View of La Jolla Shores on the way back: Photobucket The beach, just steps from finishing: Photobucket I felt like I didn't have enough energy for this run. I probably only felt good in the middle 4-5 miles. The rest of the time I was struggling. Plus somehow I made a wrong turn somewhere, because when I got back to the starting point I only ran 9.74 miles. Todd did really well, so I will put his Garmin stats up this time. :) Photobucket After the run, we went to get some "breakfast". We were going to go to this breakfast place, but in the same plaza was Porkyland, one of our favorite Mexican places that we hadn't been in a couple of years. Plus, who can't use a little porky-ness after running 10 miles? Photobucket They were open when we arrived at 9:40 AM, and Todd was really into it since he doesn't like eggs or breakfast food. Photobucket Todd's carnitas tacos plate: Photobucket Todd digging in: Photobucket I got an egg & machaca (shredded beef) burrito. I would have liked it more if they didn't put refried beans in there too. I didn't know until I bit into it. So that was our busy morning of running and pigging out. Tonight Todd is playing a show with Kim Divine at Lestat's West. We'll be going out to dinner with Anne & Gilbert and then heading to the show. Photos and story will be in tomorrow's post.
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