Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sand In My Shoes, Salt On My Face

Alarm went off at 5:35 AM today. It was as dark as can be. I wondered why I'm putting myself through this kind of self-sacrifice once again, on a weekly basis. We ate some banana, got our gear together, and drove down Solana Beach to start the 14 mile run through San Elijo Lagoon with West Coast Road Runners. My right quadricep was still slightly sore, I'm not sure from what... hula class on Thursday? My hip and glute soreness was definitely from that! Maybe hula dance classes on Thursday nights are a bad idea for Saturday long runs of over 10 miles? It was STILL dark when we arrived around 6:30 AM. I still wanted to sleep, LOL. But I forced myself out of the car and joined my group, Catalina, for the start of the run at 6:45 AM. It was still slightly dark when we set off. Photobucket The first three miles went through the San Elijo Lagoon, and I think I might have cursed the whole way through it. There was wet dirt, downed tree branches, loose sand, narrow trails, elevations, and other stuff that kept me from going faster than a snails pace. I thought this pic was kinda cool b/c you can see the tiny runners in the front through the windy bushes: Photobucket This one turned out cool too. I raised the camera above my head for a different perspective. I think it makes us look so small compared to the awesome nature. Photobucket I met a new friend named Pam who can attest to my grumbling through the lagoon, LOL. She said she had seen that I took photos at every run. So I told her about my Project 365 of taking at least one photo every day for 365 days and documenting my life for a year. She thought it was kinda cool. She ran with me until the Solana Beach train station, where she turned around for her eight mile run. Here's Todd's group in the lagoon. I think Bigfoot was chasing them. Photobucket This photo was kinda blurry, but I like it b/c it shows the motion of the runners: Photobucket The lagoon/wetlands: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket From Solana Beach, we ran south to Del Mar. This was familiar territory as we ran this route last week. Here are some of Todd's teammates: Photobucket Photobucket Here we are at Coast Blvd & 15th Street: Photobucket For this city street photo, I processed it to look a little more urban and gritty. Although, Del Mar is hardly urban, or gritty for that matter. The 7 mile turnaround wasn't too far from this point. Honestly, I didn't think I was going the whole 14 miles, but I felt good when I got to 5-6 miles, so I turned around at 7 miles and I was stuck going the whole way, LOL. After the turnaround, going back towards Coast Blvd and the ocean. I really liked the big trees flanking the street: Photobucket Photobucket Seagrove Park: Photobucket By Jake's Del Mark. I think I wished I coulda stopped for breakfast just about then. Photobucket Here's Kathy and Karen going north on the 101, just past Dog Beach in Del Mar: Photobucket I ran with Karen the whole rest of the way back. We encouraged each other on, through the lagoon again. At somewhere between 11 and 12 miles, I lost energy and my legs started tightening up, as well as my right glute and my hips. Also, my big toe on my right foot really started to rub against the bottom of my shoe and it hurt. I found out after the run that I developed a little blister there. No wonder the last three miles seemed so long and so hard, LOL. Todd's running mates stretching after the run: Photobucket Photobucket I was so proud to have gone 14 miles. This is the first time in nine years that I've run this far, and since I'm NINE years older than last time, I'm proud, LOL! I debated whether to show my Garmin stats again. Earlier this week I had an incident of self-doubt. I found out that someone saw my blog and thought I was slow. It blew my confidence for a little while. BUT I decided that it's okay, I'm not here to show how fast I am, or what a great runner I am. This blog is for ME, to remember my journey and the PROCESS of training and having a goal. I just want to enjoy the process. My goal in running was never to be fast. I mean, in the first WCRR meeting, Coach Dan already told me that I'm not going to win a marathon, LOL! My goal is to finish without getting hurt, and to learn about what my body and my mind can accomplish. So with that in mind, I don't care if people see my Garmin stats and think I'm slow. I finished. Photobucket Here's Todd's stats: Photobucket Turns out he cheated and only ran about 13.5 miles! (He started his watch late.) I win! I win! After the run, Todd and I went to Beach City Cafe in Cardiff and ate our usual favorite things there. What could be better than some spicy Mexican carrots and tacos after a good run? Photobucket I got a florentine omelette and potatoes: Photobucket Tonight I have my girls night out with some friends from work. We're going to dinner downtown. Some of the girls are going dancing afterwards. I will take my slightly stiff legs and blistered big toe home and get some rest! Girls night out photos and stories coming tomorrow.


  1. The scenery for your run is fantastic. I just love palm trees.
    Good job on the run.
    The meal looks yummy too.

  2. Gorgeous photos from your run!! Congratulations on running the 14 miles! I am seriously impressed!! All the food I ate today was awful(on the run with the the mercy of another driver...and their choice for dinner was Wendy's...yuck). Your's on the other hand, looks absolutely delicious!!

  3. Great shots! Wow 14 miles! That's impressive. I don't think I have run that far collectively in my entire life lol.

  4. congrats on running 14 miles!

    Love the scenery shots around your smile - wonderful landscape there.

    How about your wounds and pains..? poor girl - but you managed it!! Fantastic!

    Hope you had fun with your girls night!?

    But what was/is after a run and the meal after the run? Are you going to work... or do you take a day off on such running days?

  5. What a great feat (feet!) to run that long after all these years. You go, girl!

    I love running at San Elijo Lagoon. Yeah, it does slow you down the first time because of so many "sand traps" and that dicey rock climb-over under the freeway. But I think you just inspired my next long run location.

  6. Awesome job on a great run! Good for you for not letting others comments keep you down. You are amazing for running so far!

    I always love to look at your blog You are an inspiration! :)

  7. I just wanted to add that I think it is so fun that you bring your camera on your runs - I love to see your beautiful scenery. :)

  8. You are so. not. slow. at. all.

    If so, then I am a turtle, and I've decided that I am not, so then, neither are you.

    14 miles is far...And not very many people run that far at all. In fact, the track coach, who was an excellent 5Ker, at the high school where I taught told me he'd never run that far in his life, and didn't think he could... Which made me feel a whole lot better about my 12 and 13 minute miles (at 14 miles).

  9. Wow those WCRR really know where to run! This was beautiful. Fun for all, for sure.

  10. I love that your watch is EXACTLY 14.00 miles - like they have the route THAT precise. Shame on Todd for cheating, though. I bet he got a ride from someone. He seems like that type of person.

  11. Wow, congrats on running 14 miles! I had to convert it to kilometers, and realised that it is very long. More than a half marathon, right?
    Great pictures! The post-processing on the Del Mar photo is very cool, it really looks urban.

  12. I just wanted to add that, um, hello, you ran FOURTEEN miles!!! I am very impressed with that and you get up at 5:30 every Saturday morning to run--good for you not letting others thinking you are slow bother you. It is completely inspiring to those of us who have no running experience at all! :)


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