Monday, March 30, 2009

Smile For A While

Photo today: I had to go to the dentist for my six month cleaning/exam first thing in the morning today at 8:00 AM. Good thing I like my dentist, otherwise there would be no smiling at 8:00 in the morning, before coffee. I owe half my smile to my dentist, the other half to my orthodontist. I actually didn't get braces until I was an adult at 31. My teeth finally got so crooked that they were wearing unevenly, so I decided I needed them in order for my teeth to last. They actually had to pull one of my upper bicuspids to fit my teeth nice and evenly in my mouth! So, for a couple of months, I was a finance manager in a high-tech company, with braces and a big gap in my teeth. And short hair. Because I decided the gaping teeth and braces weren't ugly enough. Don't get me wrong, I think lots of people look great with short hair, I'm just not one of them. So, it comes as no surprise that I can only find one or two photos of myself during that very awkward "teenage" time at 31 years old. Even my mother-in-law was shocked to see me a couple of years later, when I got my braces off, hair grew back, and I'd lost 10 lbs. Ha ha. What can I say, I'm a late bloomer. Todd made Thai Chicken Barley Risotto tonight, and I promptly gobbled it all down, with freshly cleaned teeth.


  1. Great idea to take a picture at the dentist office. :)

  2. Oh, that reminds me of a must also return to the dentist!

  3. I go to the dentist Wednesday! ;) Glad you had a good checkup!

  4. Great photos!! I am having an endoscopy (or something like that) tomorrow. I'm going to take my camera, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to ask for a picture. LOL! I'll probably end up with a photo of the building.

  5. Great pic from the dentists! That was a place I dreaded for many years as I had so much troubles with needles, and lots of cavities (holes?). Since then I've overcome my fear of needles, but I don't look forward to the dentist anyway. Yours look very friendly, though!

  6. Your dentist and hygienist look very friendly..especially early in the morning! Of course, would you really want an unfriendly dentist working in your mouth first thing in the morning?? I wish I had waited until my 30's to get braces..I need them again, but all our cash is putting braces on the kids :D

    Have a great day! Can't wait to try the recipe!

  7. Nothing like the feel of freshly cleaned teeth!! I love it!

    The dinner looks yummy...even though Thai and barley risotto are two things I wouldn't have put together. I guess it's just healthier than white sticky rice, huh? Saved it...and of course I'll give it a try. It's got all my faves again in it!

  8. Great pictures and great story! OMG that food looks delicious. I wish my hubby could cook like that. He makes a fantastic grilled cheese and that's about it lol.

  9. Your dentist is way cuter than mine! And your hygienist actually looks friendly - mine are always evil.

    On a related note, I used save my appts for the eye doctor when I was visiting my parents in Houston.

    He's cuter without the goatee.

  10. It seems you had a friendly dentist! I have also one!

    Great shot and I´m glad to hear you had a good checkup!

    What about your shoulder?Is it better?

    About your question... form monday to friday I stand up at 5.30 ... at weekend scarcely later, because my elder son is an early-bird


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