Friday, March 20, 2009

The End of Galactica

We woke up this morning and discovered that the shut-off valve to our dishwasher doesn't work due to corrosion. (We have really hard water in SoCal.) So Todd turned off the main water valve to the house in order to replace the dishwasher valve. Photobucket Man vs. Corroded Valve: Photobucket After the valve fix, we worked, then we met Todd's work friends at Dumpling Inn for some lunch. Todd and the creative people at his work take turns buying lunch, and it was Todd's turn. Photobucket These are the photoshop people at Todd's work. They make print and web graphics. Dumpling Inn specializes in Chinese dumplings and other authentic dishes. Here we have some dumplings, sauteed Chinese greens, and a tofu and pork stir-fry. Photobucket After lunch we worked some more, then Todd made dinner for our "Fairwell to Battlestar Galactica" viewing party with Fred & Annie next door. Photobucket Roasted veggie & turkey sausage pasta: Photobucket and Annie made some homemade macadamia nut pie with oreo crust: Photobucket Todd also made a pear crisp dessert, but I forgot to take a photo. Then the nerdy-ness began as the two Galactica fans were enthralled by the two-hour series finale of Battlestar Galactica. Todd is so bummed that this show is over because it's his favorite show. Photobucket Digi Dare #125 is up! Go check it out for a chance to win some prizes! Photobucket Here's my layout for the dare: Photobucket


  1. Todd seems to be a great craftsman - think you are glad to have him!?

    Your food shots are making me hungry today it looks so yummy!!

  2. Macadamia Nut Pie with Oreo Crust!! YUMMY!! (of course, all the food looks yummy, but that pie...oh my goodness..)

    I think you should submit your photos to the San Diego Department of Tourism...All of your pictures have the happiest fake frown must be a great place to live! ;)

    I saw your layout yesterday on the digi dare site. Simply beautiful, but I must say, the little blue family at the bottom of the page brings tears to my eyes. And I'm not so sure your life would have been vastly would have approached parenting with the same joy, happiness, and love that shows up in all of your posts and pictures. (the only difference is that you would have more pictures of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese!)

    Have a great weekend...

  3. Tell Todd that I am sad with him. I haven't watched it yet, but it's on my DVR...BSG is my favorite show probably of all time!

  4. Great that Todd was able to fix the valve! Hand dishing is no fun when you have a mashine. :)
    And the food pics looks so yummy!

    I don't think we have dumplings anywhere here unfortunately.

    Lovely LO. Such toughts go through my mind sometimes too. I've never longed for children of my own, but what happens if should do.. Anyway, we have a great life that I truly value, and that is the most important.

  5. Great photos!! I love to watch a man fix stuff! :)
    Oh, and I ate before checking your blog today....all the food still looks awesome! :)

  6. I love Ellay's comment, I do ate before looking at your blog. LOL. Very sad that BSG is finished, it was such a great show.

    The dare this week looks good. Some thought needed to do this one.

  7. I am drooling over that pie!


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