Monday, March 16, 2009

Recovering from the Weekend

On some Mondays, I feel like I need another day off just to recover from my weekend, LOL. And sometimes I have so many photos on the weekend that I wish I could just save some for posting on the weekdays, when my life is mostly boring and filled with work and mundane things. But alas, my aim in this Project 365 is to document my everyday life, no matter how boring or exciting they are. So I guess I won't "cheat". :p Photo today: Photobucket I think nowadays, anytime a new person is hired, it's time for a celebration! Reader and bloggy friend Tracey asked about sweet red bean soup recipes, because her southern heart can't fathom sweet red bean soup. Hee hee, I found some on the internet. I think these are the best three: I'm glad I found these. Now I can surprise Todd with it some time, when he's not looking. :) A word about Todd. I totally admire his adventurous spirit with food. When we first met in college, one of the first things he told me was, "I don't like Chinese food." I thought, "Hmm... that could be a problem..." But turned out that the only Chinese food that he had in Akron, Ohio was sweet & sour chicken and fried rice. So I told him, "That's not really Chinese food! You have to try REAL Chinese food in order to judge!" The rest is history as he's taken to Chinese food quite well, even the more exotic varieties in authentic hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Los Angeles. My BIL isn't the same way, so I do really appreciate this about Todd. And he loves to try new food, as long as there's no cheese, eggs, or mushrooms. So basically, a mushroom cheese quiche is his worst culinary nightmare, LOL! His mom made him eat quiche once when he was young and he threw up. Although he will eat cheese on pizza, don't ask me why. There is no explanation. I did this layout for the blog challenge at Little Dreamer Designs - Creative Journaling: Focus on Lists. Did someone say lists? I HAD to do it! Photobucket Full credits here. I based the layout on one of my previous blog posts. Go check it out at Little Dreamer Designs. There's a freebie to download, and if you post your layout in the challenge gallery there, you will get a chance to win a gift certificate to the store.


  1. Wow I am the first to comment ;-) I LOVE your lo. The list of things and the meanings are great. It is so true. Thank you for sharing it w/us all ;-)

  2. I agree, a new hire is cause for celebration. Thanks for posting those recipes too.

  3. wow Christine your layout "focus on lists" is so fantastic!

    Love the colours and the great adventure photos

    Thanks for the recipes

    What about your shoulder?

  4. Wow! You have the BEST layouts!! SO cool!! And such cool day I'm gonna take one on!
    That's funny about the Chinese food. I live in Tennessee and I feel quite certain that I've never had REAL Chinese food. It's all greasy spoon stuff here (don't get me wrong, though....I do enjoy eating it sometimes) :) I'd love to actually cook a Chinese meal for my husband one night....might have to google some recipes later. (See, I'm hungry....your blog always makes me hungry LOL!)

  5. I woke up this morning to have my facebook wall tell me "You're on List Girl!!!!" :D All I can say is that my 10 and 11 year olds think their mom is cool (at least for the next hour ;) ) Many thanks for the recipes. I'm planning a meal of the Seoul-ful chicken, minted cucumbers and the sweet red bean soup for dessert...we'll dedicate it to our San Diego bloggy friends!

    Your List Layout..You are so very talented. I'm learning so much about digi-scrapping just by looking at your layouts.

    Have a great day!

  6. Before I moved to California, I had never had Indian, Thai or Ethiopian food. I also had never had some of the delectable tofu and gluten dishes you can find in the Chinese restaurants (and Asian markets) there. I was a total culinary virgin - hiding amidst Chili's and pretending Taco Bell was real Mexican food. Something about that place changes a person - I've not been the same since.

    Love your layout for LDD - saw it yesterday! Great shadows on your layered circles.

  7. Thanks for the recipes for red bean soup, I had been wondering what exactly that entailed. I have been thinking that I need to find a good authentic place to see if they serve it, so I can try it.

    Also, I think it would have been so cool for you to apply for the Amazing Race and your chat with Peppermint completely cracked me up! But I understand the getting up in the middle of the night dilemma and the 13 page application. When it first came on, my best friend and I wanted to apply, but for a lot of reasons didn't, but I remember the application being crazy long!!

  8. I love any reason to celebrate, and I'll go to Chevy's in a heartbeat! My favorite is their Chicken Flauta appetizer...that I have for a meal. It's kind of like going to Red Robin...I order the same thing over and over (which is a Teriyaki Chicken Burger). I'm sure if I order something else it will taste good, but then I'll feel I missed out because I didn't get to have my favorite!

    Your layout is so fun and full of energy! Love the message!

  9. Great post.


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