Monday, March 9, 2009

Committed to Rock

Photo today: Photobucket We committed and paid good money to run the inaugural Rock 'N' Roll Seattle Half Marathon on June 27th. Gulp. I've been a race commitment-phobe for two months now, because I've been just running for fun and I didn't want to jinx being injured. You know that's what always happens when you commit yourself and your money to a big race. You immediately get injured! But I decided to commit to a half marathon first. If my training goes well, then I'll run the Rock 'N' Roll San Diego Marathon on May 31st. I hope I can run the RnR San Diego. I feel like it's a rite of passage since I live here! But wahoo, Seattle here we come! Tonight was WCRR Night at Road Runner Sports. The RnR marathons were giving us a discount for signing up tonight, AND a free t-shirt! Who could resist a free t-shirt that says "Rock Seattle"? And because it was WCRR Night, we got 25% discount off the whole store, so I got some new running shoes. Well, they're exactly the same as my current running shoes, but I need two pairs to rotate around so that I can have a dirty pair and a cleaner pair to run inside on the treadmill. And now I won't have to buy a new pair to run my half marathon. Did you know each pair of running shoes only last 300 miles? So if I run 25 miles/week, they only last 12 weeks. :: stare :: I used to think it was something made up by the shoe companies to get us to buy new shoes more often. Until I noticed that when I run with old shoes my knees, shins, heels, everything hurts. So now I'm sold. And I write the date of my first wearing of a new pair of shoes right on the bottom of the shoe with permanent marker, so I know approximately when to switch. After Road Runner Sports, we stopped at Jasmine for dinner. Photobucket We had Ginger & Scallion Beef, Harbor Cod Filet, and Salt & Pepper Tofu. We kinda didn't know that two out of the three dishes were deep fried. Yikes. Pretty yummy though, and we got leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The highlight of the dinner was when they brought out a dessert of red bean soup, unexpectedly. Todd loves this stuff and can eat like 5 bowls. He's been asking at every Chinese restaurant if they have it and he's been disappointed for a while now. Until tonight, when they brought it out. You should have seen his face, he was super-excited! LOL, it's these little delights that make my happy memories. Sigh. Photobucket Ok, enough rambling about running and shoes and red bean soup. This week's Digi Dare is up and it's due by Thursday night at 11:59 PM Eastern Time! We are scrapping our "right now". Come join in the fun for a chance to win some awesome prizes! Photobucket Here's my layout for it: (ha ha I just noticed it's about running - I didn't plan this to be in the same post, it's a coincidence) Photobucket Full credits here.


  1. Good luck with the half marathon! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you stay un-injured for the run. :) Maybe we'll get to see some beautiful running shots from Seattle as well? Love your scenery shots!

  2. wow you are a great runner! Good luck for the (half) marathons!

    The food looks so yummy!!

    I love the fantastic colours of your page!

  3. I think you'll have a lot of fun running through Seattle. Isn't that after the RnR, though? Or are you talking about running next year's marathon here?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you and Todd don't get injured between now and then.

  4. Hi Christine,
    Quick question about the you have to use a certain designer's products to complete the layout? Example : Weeds & Wildflowers want you to use 80% WW products for their challenges. (btw, love your layout!)

    Praying for your 1/2 marathon and for you to be injury free.

  5. Hi Tracey! No, you can use whatever products you want to participate in the Digi Dares!

  6. Best of luck with all your running adventures - I'll be athletic vicariously through you.

    That chinese food looks amazing - red bean soup - new to me - but I love sweet bean paste in buns etc.

  7. Good luck with the half marathon!!!
    Love your (running) layout!!

  8. Hoping that it is a good run. Wow! A half marathon. Love the dare this time, always trying to live in the moment.


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