Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Total Calendar Domination

Here I am back for a second straight day of Tuesdays with Todd. (Listgirl will return tomorrow.) When I have a story to tell I can't be stopped --- no matter what the calendar says! Seriously, I begged her for another day. Perhaps I need my own blog, hmmmmm. This Wednesday is wonky for another reason. I did a "long" outside run. (Long for me these days is still only 5 miles.) It's not even Saturday! Why do I mess with the natural order of things? Read on... Photobucket I didn't actually have to pee. I was just being casual. Several years ago, Listgirl and I used to get up at about 5:30AM to workout. Then clean up and head off to arrive early at work. Then I ate the popcorn of course. Eventually, that pattern fell by the wayside. Either we would work out later in the morning (and arrive to work correspondingly later) or we'd exercise after work. These days my schedule goes like this... Monday evening: weight training Tuesday evening: cardio Wednesday evening: weight training Thursday evening: cardio Saturday sometime: long run with San Diego scenery Sometimes I think about moving at least some of my workouts back to the morning. Let's analyze this Listgirl style... Morning workouts (+) Feel good all day (+) Time to make dinner in the evening (-) No sleeping in (-) A late night creates temptation to skip Evening workouts (++++) Sleeping in (-) A tiring day or afternoon hunger creates temptation to skip (-) Have to carry out dinner which is less healthy or get up early after all to prepare the crockpot This morning I put those thoughts to the test. I met up with my old running buddy Yaiza to explore one of her favorite running routes. I was up at 6AM to scarf some oatmeal and head out. Photobucket Another view from the midpoint. Photobucket My office is one of the white buildings. Having no traffic on the way to work was a definite plus! That should be added to the list above! I hadn't seen Yaiza in some time so it was good to catch up. I liked the new (to me) route; very scenic even on a cloudy morning as you saw. And after I arrived at work I was hungry again. Popcorn to the rescue! So all-in-all, definitely a success. I'm not sure yet if I am going to move any of my regular workouts to the morning for the long term. I'll try a couple more times and see how I feel. And you, dear readers, will hear what I decide of course. I hope that prospect doesn't sound too boring! Tonight, I took advantage of having time to cook by whipping up a new soup I wanted to try. Photobucket I loved, loved Tuscan-Style Potato Soup. Listgirl liked it but was not quite as enthused as I. But I have a couple of modifications in mind for next time and I think she'll get on board then.


  1. That course looks awfully familiar.... I'm glad you can comfortably run 5 miles now. And we're looking forward to some football on Saturday!

  2. The scenery is so important! Before the arthritis in my knee, I used to walk every day at a local park that had dirt paths with lots of hills and gorgeous scenery. I never had trouble getting the desire to do my walk up.

    Thanks for the photos, Todd and that great recipe!!

  3. I did try running in the morning, sometime this summer. But eventually I failed, it is too nice to sleep another half hour or so. Probably has to do with me never able to go to bed in time at night. I wish you luck with both the distance and the time of day you choose!


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