Monday, November 23, 2009

My Two Dollar Breakfast

Some mornings when I get to work, I stop by my work cafeteria to get some breakfast.  I usually get a little bit of scrambled eggs, and oh about... seven tater tots.  They weigh the stuff you get from the breakfast bar, and it's $5.76/lb.  Guess what my breakfast usually costs?
Two dollars. Exactly.

Now it's become a game between the cashier Stephanie and me. For my food to be $2.00 including tax, that means I have to get 0.32 lb of food. I try to do this every time. And most days, Stephanie will say, "Two dollars", and we both laugh. Then she hands me the receipt.

I know you'll want to join us at the Digi Dares this week and scrap a page.  Why?

Because, you get this gorgeous kit, Retro Revival, exclusive to the Digi Dares, made by Digi Dare designers, for free! It's our THREE year anniversary (Dare #156!) and we're giving you this kit if you do a layout for Dare #156 and link us up to your layout on the Digi Dares site before this Thursday night 11:59pm Eastern time. If you look closely, there's a template by me in there, along with some solid papers.

Here's my layout for the Dare.
Full credits at the Dare site. Check out the details and submit your page!


  1. That's hilarious about your $2 breakfasts! That's pretty cool how you average that! Haha!

  2. My breakfast:
    corn 0.26
    butter 0.125
    oil/salt negligible
    coke 0.33

    Total: US$0.71

    It's substantially more when I have pomegranate juice which I will start up again next week. Probably an extra 0.50.

  3. funny - most of the time $2,-
    and a fantastic page!

  4. $2.00 breakfast..hahahahaha

    We all need little games to play, don't we? One of my games is to order off the dollar menu at Wendy's for all 6 members of my family. The cashier just laughs. Sunday lunch at Wendy's for 6 people = $14.33

    I'm thinking about the that kit!

  5. Lol, look like you succeeds most of the time! Fun game. =)
    Nice LO, love the colors and the shapes you've used. And the kit is wonderful!


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