Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back to Sunny San Diego

I got really good sleep again last night.  Apparently, I need to be on vacation and not at my house more often, LOL.  We woke up around 8:30am and ate the complimentary hotel breakfast.  Then we packed up and headed to the San Francisco airport for our flight home.  We were shocked to find the security line EXTREMELY long.  We were worried that we would miss our flight home, but we got through the line in about half an hour.  We quickly grabbed a hot dog and some chips to split, and boarded the plane.  I snoozed on the plane and we were landing before I knew it.  (I love these 70 minute short flights!)

Whenever we fly back to San Diego and I see the city from the air, I'm always so thankful and amazed at the view, and the fact that I live here.  This time was no exception.

View of Mission Bay.

Coronado Island and Point Loma.

After we landed, we felt kind of hungry, so we grabbed a late lunch at Point Loma Seafood. We just love this place, and since it was so close to the airport, we couldn't resist.

We shared a fresh halibut sandwich. So yummy!

The view outside wasn't too bad either. What a nice sunny day!

I did notice it felt about 10 degrees warmer in San Diego than in San Francisco. I almost felt too warm in my sweater.  We had a great time in San Francisco, but it is good to be home again!
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