Friday, November 6, 2009

Anyone Need a Giganto Bear?


Well, if you do, you can find one at Costco for $699.99. Doesn't everyone need a giant bear in their living room?

Todd's favorite thing at Costco is the $1 churros. He loves it so much that he looks forward to the trips to Costco just so he can have his $1 churro snack.

I put two new products into the Listgirl Designs store today.  I also sent out another newsletter.  If you would like to be added to the newsletter list, please sign up here! :)

Template Set #5:  Rays All Around

Here are my layouts using them.

Pencil Scribble Alpha

Here's my layout using the alpha (resized smaller than actual size of the alpha to fit the layout better).

Credits:  Celebrating Light: Sun Flare & Bokeh Overlays by Leora Sanford; Simple Pleasures by Michelle Filo, both at Little Dreamer Designs.

That's it for me tonight!  I have a date on the couch with Todd to watch a DVR'ed episode of "The Mentalist".  :)  Have a great Saturday and happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!  I hope you'll find some time to scrap!


  1. I watched that episode of the was the first time in MONTHS that Randy and I watched 'real' TV!

    I love the fact that Costco is trying to sell a stuffed, fake, grizzly bear for $700 when the unemployment is 10.2%. You gotta give them points for trying!

    Love the new goodies in the store.

    Just read the journaling about the hot chocolate date..that's just sweet!

  2. you know I am a big, big fan of you so I immediately signed up for the newsletter and yes I purchased your gorgeous alpha! I used it today and thought I gonna link you up

    thank you so much - it's awesome! I know I might use it over and over again!


  3. OMG I love churros. I wonder if they have them at the Costco's here in Denver. Have you guys tried them with vanilla ice cream? Extra yummy! Love the new products. Happy Sunday.

  4. Lol, the bear is so funny! I love that it is fake, and I would totaly buy it if I had room for it and $700 too much. =)

  5. cool and giant bear!

    Love your new stuff especially the alpha!


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