Monday, November 9, 2009

Project 365 Burnout


We got a new BOSU ball from Amazon, because it was on sale under deep discount the other day. When Todd had his running injury and went to physical therapy, they had him do exercises on the BOSU ball there. My work gym has one too. We thought it would be good for both of us to incorporate it into our exercise regimen.

I have something to admit... I feel really burned out by Project 365. The daily photo-taking, photo-processing, and blogging is really getting to me. Especially now that it gets dark so early. On the weekdays I work all day. By the time I get home it's dark. Then it's like I have this obligation hanging over me. What should I take a photo of? MORE food photos again??? The photo-processing and blogging ties me to my computer for quite a while every. single. night. To be honest, I can't wait until I've done the last P365 post on December 31st. I think after that I'll have a lot more time to do other things. So what's keeping me going? Well, I've made it this far, might as well finish it! Plus, I do get enjoyment out of going back and reading my old posts. And also, Todd really encourages me by telling me how much he enjoys my documentation of our days and our fun times together. That does warm my heart and keep me going.

If you're still doing Project 365, what keeps you going? Why do you think you've made it this far? And what do you think you'll get out of completing it?


  1. That looks like a good exercise equipment, could be good for my soar knees to maybe. And it isn't too spacious.

    About P365... yes, I feel it too. It takes so much time, and the photos tend to get boring along with the shorter days. But if I've come this far I can as well do a complete year! Perseverance, isn't that the word for it? :) And I have enjoyed this year a lot, visiting blogs from around the world. It makes the world a little smaller and gives interesting peeks into other lives. I will miss that part!

    I'm planning to do a photo-book (or a couple) of the pages from this year, and can see the treasure it will be for our family. This truly shows our everyday-life, not only special occasions.

    Hope you hang in there for the rest of the year, I wish you the motivation you need to continue! *hugs*

  2. I for one have really enjoyed stopping by here and checking out your project 365. I find myself with the burnout as well. Don't give up becuase you have come so far.

    For my 365 I'm not keeping up with a blog but I'm making bragbook sized scrap pages of each day which is what I'm finding time consuming. Right now I have a folder with about a dozen pictures that are waiting in line to be scrapped.

    What keeps me going is having the photo journaling of everyday in my life for the year 2009. It has been a special year for me and I enjoy looking back and revisiting each day.

    Yes, I do run out of things to photograph though. My poor pets are probably tired of getting their pictures taken because I use them as a last resort.

    Keep going. Less than 2 months left. Did this year fly by or what?

  3. I've only starte4d r4eading your blog a few weeks ago, but I've been reading the older post6s too. I do enjoy your Project 365 photos! Where you say there are a lot of pictures of food, there are a lot of trains and cats in mine. I'm doing 52 one-week pages and I started on December 23, our wedding day, so this project is documenting our first married year. That's what really keeps me going. We eloped, so the P365 pages will be a main core of what will be our wedding album.

    It's a great job for anyone who is still going! :)

  4. photo processing...blogging everyday...what's that?? ; )

    I'm still taking my pictures everyday. I'm behind on the layouts..but, I've enjoyed this little project. Mostly, I've enjoyed reading about your days. So, you can't stop now. I'll have no one to drink coffee with in the morning.

    Cool exercise thingy..we are still looking for an elliptical. Both of us need one, badly!

  5. I'm not doing P365, I know myself too well to even start. I kinda like the idea of P52 but didn't do that either... possibly in '10?

    YOU CAN DO IT!!! You have made it this far and kept us with you along the way. Can you take some work photos or during lunch break? What shortcuts can you find to make the processing go faster? You could blog every other day.

    Hang in there!!! :)

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I think it's great that you're doing p365 and I enjoy reading your blog!

  7. It's funny because I totally want to start a 365 project for next year. I'm really excited about it! I'm a detail photographer and detail scrapbooker (just a detail person I guess), and so I'm excited about capturing the little things in life. I could see how you would be hitting burnout, especially if you feel you must blog about it each day. I think you could just blog about it every once in awhile. ??? Keep going girl, you are almost to that finish line!!! Your pictures are amazing! I really enjoy them!

  8. Christine I so much enjoy to read your daily posts to see your daily pictures and the little view inside your life

    Please don´t stop!!!!!

    I agree with you that it´s hard and needs so much time! But as Erika said... I also have enjoyed this year a lot, visiting blogs from around the world. It makes the world a little smaller and gives interesting peeks into other lives.... I met so many new peoples and I´m in contact to a few - I never met them without the project.

    And I got another view for small things in my life and in my neighborhood - thinks I would never photographed without the project

    I´ll do the project next year again - in which way? I didn´t know yet - maybe weekly posted.

  9. I am keeping it up. I'm totally not as good as you for doing the blog post with it for everyday. I'm over a week behind in posting right now. I'm ready to be done, but I think I'll miss it a little too. May have to do P52 and do 1 a week next year. A little more do-able.
    How about things that you are thankful for this time of year?

  10. I've been amazed and awed by all of my online friends that have kept up with 365. Way to go! I'm so proud and just a bit jealous of you. I knew that I'd have a hard time doing this so I opted to keep up with the 52 instead and that has been going well and I hope to continue that. I've also done one full weekend and a full week this year. That is do-able. You are in the home stretch and can make it!

  11. I'm still going with my own Project 365. I'm not sure what keeps me going. Could be that I'm a little stuborn. LOL. Actually, I've also enjoyed going back and reading about the year that's gone by, but when I feel like giving up, I visit your blog to see your latest photos and look at the layouts you've created. Then I stop at a couple other blogs to see how they are doing.
    I have been in awe of you and the way you've kept your blog going as well.
    When you mentioned more photos of food, I laughed because I have too many photos of my cats! But just think, all the best holidays are just around the corner so there should be some new and exciting things to document.
    When this is done, I will have the history of 2009 in a book. How cool is that?!

  12. I got burnt out back in sept and let myself down... I have done a little here and there but I definetly think that next year (since my family does like the idea and going back) I am going to do a project 52 and maybe just a couple or one picture a week!!!

  13. You've lasted a whole lot longer than I did, and you didn't just post one little picture and a quick blog either. You always have several photos, your yummy dinners, and so many other wonderful things! Good to stop by and see you guys again though!

  14. I am still 365ing, and some days (like november 12) i wonder if my photo is really appropriate for sharing, but seriously if he has to dress like jethro bodine from the beverly hillbillies and go out into public, i suppose it's no worse to post the photo, eh?

    some days, i am too tired to deal with posting and lately keep getting at least a week behind until someone i don't realize is following the blog asks where the current photo is...and during the time my netbook was crashed, i just wasn't dealing with any of it...i filled up 4gb on the memory card and hadn't even LOOKED at the photos i'd taken (that's not like me).

    i am wayyyyyy behind on scrapping them. that is bad. i need a weekend alone and i could easily catch it all up though, thanks to the blog reminding me what i was doing :D

    i love your blog, it's refreshing and fun and many times insightful and encouraging :D even if i only come around to check it every week or so...homeschool, work, swimming (the kid, not me)(although i love swimming, it's just not a free activity), church, youth group - i feel like things just get busier.

    so glad you haven't thrown in the towel :D


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