Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Football and Friends

We made plans with our best friends AJ & Meera today to watch the Chargers game at the New York Giants with them at their house.  We hadn't seen them in a while, so we were excited to get together again.

When we arrived, Meera made some Asian crunchy noodle salad, and there was chicken wings and chips & dip!  I knew my diet was in trouble the minute I got there.  And in case you're wondering.  I am still using Daily Plate to keep track of everything I eat, but only on Monday-Friday.  On the weekends I TRY not to go overboard.  I think I didn't do so well calorie-wise this weekend, but I start anew tomorrow and I'm not going to get discouraged.  I was thinking about exercising the other day too.  I've been doing pretty well with exercising regularly.  But you know what?  Before I start, I never WANT to exercise.  I always have to make myself start.  But once I've started, I do it.  Then by the end, I am so glad I took the time to do something good for my body.  There's NEVER been a time after I've finished exercising, when I've said, "Gee, that wasn't worth it.  I wish I didn't exercise."  So, just something to keep in mind if you have a hard time getting started.  :)

We didn't have much high hopes for the Chargers beating the Giants today.  As the game went on, we got more enthused, because they were doing well!  They fell behind 20-14, but with about one minute to go, they scored a touchdown and won the game!  We were all so excited, LOL.

Todd wore his Cleveland Browns shirt today.
His rationale was, today the Browns CAN'T lose. (They had a bye week and didn't play.) :-| Poor Todd, it's tough being a Browns fan.

AJ did something really nice for us today. He made a slideshow with music of all the photos of the four of us together, over the years. They've been great friends and we sure had some awesome times together. All the memories came back as we looked at the slideshow. Our trips to Phoenix for baseball spring training. Our fun times together are some of the most memorable moments in our lives in the last decade. We love them so much, and we're so so thankful that the Lord brought them to our home fellowship back in 2002. They really are a huge blessing in our lives.


  1. You have awesome friends! I chuckled when I first looked at your photo because all I noticed were their feet. They look so big compared to the rest of them.

    Just curious...did Todd have popcorn today during the game? :)

  2. Does Todd remember a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns named Johnny Evans? He was there 3 years. (78-81)

    Johnny leads a men's Bible study at my church. He's one of the radio guys for NC State football.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Good Luck for your store!

  4. Hmmm, 78-81 was a little before my Browns fan time. I was aware of them in those days but not really following yet.

  5. Aw, more nice get-together with friends!
    Good thoughts about the exercising. I know it so well, but I too have to force myself to actually do the exercise. Lucky I do it with friends that applies an additional pressure on me. =) But when it is all done it always feels good!


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