Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In The Life | Friday

It's Friday, Friday... Today I woke up all stuffed up in the head and not in shape to go to work, so I tried to work from home for a little while but was not feeling too good.

Iced coffee and steel-cut oats for breakfast again.

Went over to the couch to watch some Good Morning America. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany are on tour this summer??!

Found Noodle on the foyer cabinet again. He wanted some petting so he wiggled around and actually fell off!

I'm okay! I'm okay!

I told Todd that today was going to be a super-boring Week In The Life entry, unless he wanted to step in and take some photos of his day. So he did.

His company's monthly breakfast was today, and the theme was beach breakfast.

He didn't eat any because he doesn't like breakfast foods.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... I took a lot of naps on the couch and drank lots of water.

Ate some leftovers for lunch.

Found Noodle amongst the free weights again. What is so great about this "house of weights"?? Strange cat.

Later, I couldn't find Noodle, until I looked closely and found a lump inside the curtain, on top of my Reebok step.

How is this a great place to take a nap?? Weird cat.

In the afternoon, when my head, nose, and throat finally felt a little better, I moved over to the office and decided to put all the stuff on my desk into a box.

So the stuff isn't on my desk anymore. I'll deal with the box later.

Meanwhile, Todd went for a hilly stationary bike workout at his work gym... Here's before working out.

Here's after. What a funny guy.

Todd got to come home earlier because he had to work at 7pm tonight to deploy a software. So we were both in the office together. I was picking photos for Project Life.

He was processing photos that he took at Lestat's last night.

Dinner was a combination of veggie stir fry leftovers and a couple of tacos that Todd picked up from Rubios.

Noodle likes to sit on his perch and watch us eat dinner.

After dinner Todd got on the deployment conference call and started deploying his software.


I went upstairs to the craft studio to plan out my next pages for Project Life. I needed to figure out how many photos to print out.

Then I processed photos from today and am blogging now. Very exciting Friday night indeed! :p

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