Monday, July 11, 2011

Running into Friends

Todd and I went for a run on Saturday morning at Lake Miramar.  We got there right before 9:00AM and it was HOT and super-sunny already!  We don't run at the same pace, so we usually agree on how many minutes we're going to run, then just run at our own pace and meet back at a pre-designated place.  On Saturday we said we'd run 35 minutes.

At EXACTLY 17 minutes and 29 seconds (the turnaround point for me), I ran into Todd coming back, and Monika was running with him. This was not the first time that Todd has run into Monika during a workout. A couple of weeks ago, he ran into her while cycling.

We chatted and took some silly photos with my phone.

Then Monika's boyfriend David ran by and the four of us started running again. All three of them are faster than me. I kept up with them at a sub-9 minute mile pace for all of 1/4 of a mile, then I started huffing and puffing and I let them go on their speedy way and ran at my own pace. At the end, we met up at a picnic table under some shady trees to stretch.

It was fun to RUN into friends! :D


  1. hahahha. LOVE the pix! I totally led you guys astray with putting the wrong arm forward. We'll have to bump into each other somewhere else next. :o)

  2. You make it sound so fun .... but this girl definitely ain't built for running! It's good to goof around every now & then!!!


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