Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life | Wednesday

I took over 90 photos today! I think I'm finally getting the hang of this Week In The Life thing. The photos are mainly a combination of Instagram photos on my iPod and my Canon point-and-shoot.

I woke up around 7:40 AM and my sore throat felt better than yesterday. I have phlegm in my throat and also drainage from my nose. Sigh! Third cold this year! I did the neti pot thing after getting out of bed.

Walking back into the master bath to get ready.

Before makeup!

After makeup!

Not that different, is it? I don't normally wear anything on my skin except for facial moisturizer with SPF. So I only put some eye makeup and lipstick on.

I walk downstairs to leave, and Noodle was super-rambunctious and wanted me to play with him. He ran around like a crazy cat. After I got my lunch ready, I found him on the cabinet in the front foyer, next to all our photos. It's his new favorite spot.

Drove to work with the headlights on. It was super cloudy. Got to work. This parking lot photo is quite different than yesterday's.

Start up my work laptop. On Wednesdays I leave the power cord unplugged so I can drain the battery. I do this once a week to keep my battery life fresh. I still get about 4 hours!

I brought my breakfast today: steel-cut oats made at home + brown sugar + chopped walnuts.

Read through some criteria for an upcoming audit.

Working, working, working. I don't have a cube mate on the other side, because I look at sensitive financial data all day long. The perks of being a financial analyst!

Around lunch time, I made myself a note in Evernote on the things I need to do to get my Project Life album caught up.

I had brought lunch but today was outdoor grillout day at the cafeteria and I could get a hamburger, homemade potato chips, cookies, and a 20 oz. soda for $5. I was super-tempted. But it's still July and I'm not eating potatoes in July. After consulting with friends on Facebook, who told me to skip the potato chips but get the $5 deal, I went for it! I'll eat my brought lunch for dinner!

Walking outside from my building. Our corporate campus has three buildings + a cafeteria.

Walking down the stairs of our "amphitheater". Yes, we do very occasionally have meetings out there, since it's San Diego and all.

They're grilling outside.

My hamburger.

Along with the food, I got a certificate for free chips later, for my exemplary performance in the workplace!  Woot!

After lunch it was back to work. Then I made a run to the supply cabinet. I really enjoy going to the supply cabinet.

And now you can see why!

Got a little notebook, a mechanical pencil, and a pen.

They go into my pen bucket.

On Wednesdays before I leave work, I back up my hard drive to my external hard drive.

Backing up.

The happy screen of going home. Heh!

This is the view of the sky right outside the building. I love it.

Driving home. I live right behind the mountain. My commute is only 12-15 minutes on local roads.

My view driving into the garage.

My favorite garage view, because that means Todd's home!

Yes, we both have red cars. It's a Buckeye thing.

We changed into our running clothes and headed for an early evening run at Lake Miramar. Arriving and parking at the lake.

Todd taking off on his run.

My Garmin to keep me on pace. At this point I was running a 9:44 mile pace.

One of the coolest things about running at Lake Miramar is that there's a distance marker every 1/4 mile. So if you didn't have a Garmin, you'd still know your distance.

Running, running, running.

More view.

I switched the iPod camera to the front camera and took a self-portrait while running.

My shadow is faster than me!

Finally after 3.03 miles and 35 minutes, I was done. Todd and I stretched at a picnic table.

Then we drove to Chile Peppers, where Todd ordered a carnitas burrito. He gave me 1/5 of it, since I still had leftovers at home to eat.

And then devoured the rest. A "Todd Shot"!

My dinner at home. I left a bunch of pasta but ate the sausages and greens.

Noodle at his favorite place again.

I'm glad this Week In The Life thing is only one week, because it's taking me a hour and a half to upload photos, process, and blog! Until tomorrow then!


  1. It would have taken less time if I didn't keep interrupting you. Hopefully I had worthwhile things to say!

  2. It may be taking you 1-1.5hrs to upload & blog about, but I think it's totally worth it! I love seeing snapshots of your daily life / routine!!!

  3. I'm really enjoying seeing your day to day life.

    I love love love your bathroom. :)

    Did your work note say $300,000? That's a lot of money honey. LOL

  4. This Michigander could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that OhiO state sticker on your window though...just sayin! LOL hahahaha I gotta tease ya, it's been a while since we chatted!

  5. Thanks for sharing, maybe I'll try week in my life next year. Too much for me right now. I forgot to mention is the other post that I love the look of your bathroom. It looks so calm and relaxing, as if I were in a spa.


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