Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursdays at Noon

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I don't share everything in my life on my blog. (Gasp!) I do share a lot, because this blog is mostly my place where I keep my personal memories of events and people and places and food. But there are actually more NEW things in my life than I share in my weekly New 52 posts, for example.

One of the new things I'm doing is going to Thursday noon time Bible study at the cafe inside my church. Today was my third consecutive Thursday showing up at noon. I was moved by a Sunday sermon on July 3rd to join a community, other than a Sunday church service at a mega-church where I'm there with a thousand other people I don't know. Noon time Bible study seemed like a convenient choice, since I work less than a mile from my church. So I took a step forward in faith and went. I've met Chris, Linda, Kelly, Roxie, and Terry. I'm enjoying the study in Ephesians a lot. I'm enjoying pastor Doug's teachings. And today? Chris brought two HUGE boxes of her homemade chocolate chip cookies to share with everyone. I'm sort of taking this as a sign from God that I'm at the right place. (Just kidding. Sort of.) Yay for cookies, and yay for Bible study and meeting new Christian women friends!


  1. Christine, that's awesome! I think the box of cookies is a sign, too! Ha!

  2. So happy that you've found a group and time to dig into His word. And cookies are definitely a bonus!

  3. Oh, it's most definitely a sign...and a gift..for being obedient!

    I know you are blessing to all the folks at bible study.

    If someone brings hamburgers, you'll know that you are supposed to LEAD the study next year. ;)

  4. Yea for Church!!!
    Yeaaa for Community!
    Yeaaaa for studying the Bible!
    Yeaaaaa for loving God!!!

    It's nice to know there are other people out there who enjoy learning and growing in God!


  5. So excited for you! Ephesians is an awesome book. I wonder if you are following a particular study... such as the Kay Arthur Precepts study?

    As I have studied various books, it seemed that everything in my life at that particular time pertained to that very book. :)

    I pray that God blesses your efforts and that you grow closer to Him!


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