Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week In The Life | Tuesday

I am still unsure about pursuing Week In The Life for the whole week, but I did take a little more photos today, a total of 34! I just still find it really hard to take a lot of interesting photos on weekdays, when I spend the majority of my day at work. My strategy today was to use my Canon SD 850 IS point and shoot, along with my Blackberry and my iPod Touch. This gave me a variety of photos.

Todd's alarm went off at 5:10 AM today so he could go to his weekly Masters swim class at the YMCA from 5:30-6:30 AM. I usually wake up a little bit, but I set my own alarm at 6:30 AM so I can get up earlier to run. I woke up with a sore throat and didn't feel 100%. So I stayed in bed for a while and watched Good Morning America and played on my iPod. At around 7:10 AM or so, I finally dragged myself out of bed and ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes. Then I gulped some soy milk down and showered and got ready for work. This whole time up until now, I hadn't taken any photos.

My cosmetics drawer (blurry Blackberry photo)

Driving to work.

9:30 AM - arrived at work parking lot. This is my building. The building to the left (circular) is the cafeteria.

Logging onto my work computer.

I forgot to take photos, but when I went to get coffee in the break room (we get FREE coffee at work, and also FREE all you can drink fountain soda, although I don't drink the soda that often), I ran into my friend Susan and she asked me when I was going to show up at our work gym's exercise class again. Doh! She said the instructor Pam has been making them run the stairs outside. Doh!

A quick glance throughout my cubicle and you will find...
My bulletin board with photos and my yearly calendar.

A painting painted by my late friend DiMarcia. He passed away very suddenly a few years ago, so I treasure the painting he gave me.

Some toys on the shelf. I could always use more toys.

A really old poster of Todd's old band The Northstar Session, advertising their CD-release party and show at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Logging into email.

Other stuff on my desk.

At around 11:00 AM, my friend Sandra came into my cube and asked if we could re-schedule our lunch tomorrow for today, because she accidentally thought it was today and made an appointment for lunch tomorrow to take her dogs to the vet. I had brought my lunch but I said yes, because we're trying out a new restaurant called Chef Chins and they have noodles!

We left for lunch around 11:50 AM. Complimentary hot tea at Chef Chins.

We ordered green onion pancakes! Found out from the waiter that Chef Chins serve Chinese breakfast items every day, all day! Green onion pancakes are traditional Chinese breakfast item that's hard to come by in San Diego.

My pork with Chinese greens noodle soup. It was delicious!

I love this spoon for the noodle soup. It's ingenious because the slots help it stay on the bowl!

My lunch mate Sandra.

In the afternoon I put my ear phones on and listened to The Weepies on my iPod and worked on calculating the monthly sale bonus accruals. Big Excel spreadsheet time!

My throat hurt more and more as the day went on, so I left work right at 5:00 PM to go to the post office to mail something to Peppermint. I must really like her because if there's one thing I hate, it's going to the post office. At least at our local post office, the workers are SO SLOW. The line takes forever, and it's as if they're trying to be as slow as they possibly could be. I had no patience for this! Finally after a long wait, I was outta there!

Finally driving home.

View through the open sunroof.

Todd brought Papa John's pizza home for dinner, because we both have awesome leftovers we cooked for lunch tomorrow, and cooking more would mean wasted food. I think there's logic in there somewhere, LOL.

After dinner, at around 7:00 PM, I plopped on the couch because my throat was hurting. Self portrait with the front camera of the iPod Touch.

Todd took a photo of me laying on the couch, watching Star Trek: First Contact.

At around 8:00 PM, we watched True Blood Season 4 Ep 5 together from the DVR. I had some vanilla ice cream because it felt good to my throat. I took some Advil. Noodle climbed onto Todd's lap and cuddled up. He hasn't done that in a while!

Then I processed my photos and blogged my Week In The Life for Tuesday. Now it's bedtime. I hope I feel better tomorrow.


  1. Thats a great photo documentation of your day!!!! I wish I had the time to try this, maybe next year.

  2. The green onion pancakes look AMAZING. Great series of photos Christine!

  3. This is fun! Didn't know that you guys were True Blood watchers. We are totally addicted and just getting caught up - halfway through season 3 now.

  4. I know it's a pain, but I love your day in the life series. And you are sooooo right about that post office. It's the worst!


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