Monday, July 18, 2011

As Blue As It Gets

Living in San Diego is simply amazing sometimes. This past weekend the weather was nearly perfect. The sky and the ocean were both as blue and it gets, and not a cloud was in the sky.

On Saturday morning Todd and I headed out to our favorite coastal running route in Encinitas to run a few miles. We got out there later in the morning on purpose, so we could eat lunch afterwards. The beaches were packed with people already! I guess that wasn't a surprise, considering the weather and the view.

It was nearly postcard-perfect.

Todd and I don't run together because we run at different paces, but we always agree on how many minutes we would run and then meet back at the car. So a few of these photos were taken by Todd on his run, and a couple were mine.

Here we were in the car. I love this view, it looks like we were headed straight to the ocean! It never ceases to amaze me, even on less sunny days.

Stopped by a view point on my way running north.

Todd's route.

He ran on the beach on the way back.

After running, we went to our beloved Bongiornos for lunch. Bongiornos is like our "Cheers". We walked in and they immediately started making our salads, one with cheese and one without! They know! We love that place. We wanted to squeeze in a visit there before the Del Mar horseracing season starts. Because once that happens, there's too much traffic to go to Bongiornos for a while. We each had a slice of pizza and a salad and we were happy!

After that we went home to clean ourselves up and did some housework. Then we had an early dinner with our friends Anne and Gilbert. Todd had babysit their turtles last week when they were way, so they treated us to Smashburger in Del Mar! I am always up for some Smashburger with friends!

Such fun to hang out with Anne and Gilbert and hear about their fabulous vacation in Lake Tahoe. It sounded amazing!


  1. Thanks for the coupon and for being such great guests -- especially during my various post-vacation rants. I'm over it :-)

  2. I love seeing all your sd photos, really makes me want to take a trip there. We will be headed to disneyland in october but no plans on making it further down south.


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