Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Michael and Mario

We went to the early service at church on Sunday. Our usual pastor was on vacation so we got a sermon from the assistant pastor. His message was just what I needed! It's so weird (or divine) when I feel like the pastor is talking to me directly. He described exactly how I had been feeling and behaving lately. God had planted a seed in my heart already earlier in the week that I needed to change my attitude about some things, and this sermon just hit the nail on the head for me. When this kind of thing happens, I know God is caring for me and drawing me to Him, and I'm thankful for it.

After church, we went grocery shopping because AJ and Meera and the kids were coming for a cookout for lunch! Todd made Jamaican Jerk Burgers and I was so excited!

We also had some hot dogs, cheddar potato cakes, and apple tarts with ice cream!

The highlight of the afternoon was all of us playing video games on the Wii. We played Michael Jackson The Experience. Todd's parents gave him the game for Christmas after they went to a party and people were playing it. However, we haven't really been playing it and having friends over was the perfect opportunity!

I wanna rock with you...

Cuz this is thriller... thriller night...

This cracked me up. AJ, the only person who didn't play the dance game, was pooped out on the couch.

After Michael Jackson The Experience, we played Mario Kart, which is our most favorite Wii game. Everyone participated and loved it. I love the wheel attachments that we bought for our Wii controller just to play Mario Kart. :)

So glad that AJ and Meera and the kids were finally able to come over and enjoy some Michael and Mario with us!


  1. Fun action shots. Tee-hee! I love seeing more of your home too ... I'm always curious to see around people's homes and I love your organge feature wall!!!

  2. Hilarious! LOVE the dancing shots. haha.

  3. We have the wii too but haven't tried any of those dancing games yet. I'll have to give them a try.


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