Friday, July 29, 2011

Tacos Over the Ocean

Besides going to Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog Live show on Sunday, we did other fun things!

In the late morning we went running on the coast. Then afterwards we tried out Bull Taco again. We had tried it back in February with Todd's family in town. I didn't love it last time, but decided to give it another try. And I'm glad we went back, because this time it was fantastic!

First of all, this is probably the taco shack with the best view anywhere!

Todd got a tri-tip burrito, which he liked, but still thought the salty carne asada is better.

I got a fried oyster taco, which was delicious!

And a carne asada + shrimp taco, which turned out to be a GREAT combination!

If you go there, you should get the "grande" sized 6 inch tacos instead of the 4 inch street tacos, it's a better value.

Todd enjoying tacos with an ocean view.

Bull Taco is definitely a unique and picturesque experience in San Diego!

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  1. I am totally drooling over your carne asada / shrimp taco. My two favorites rolled into one. This is making me crave one of our local tacos shop here in hawaii.


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