Friday, July 29, 2011

Dad's Birthday

Last Saturday we drove up to LA to celebrate my dad's birthday with him and Shelly. We went to lunch at a new-to-us place called J.J. Bakery and Restaurant. Only Shelly had been there with a co-worker, the rest of us hadn't been there before.

The food was actually really good. It is mostly Taiwanese small dishes (tapas style). Todd was the only one who didn't like it as much, because he's not used to Taiwanese food.

My dad and Shelly attempting a very subdued version of the "Todd Shot".

Rice cake with meat and radish garlic sauce.

Beef wraps.

Wonton soup.

Marinated baked tofu.

Green onion pancakes.

Marinated seaweed.

Noodles with green onion and meat sauce.

And shaved ice with red beans, taro, almond jelly, brown sugar, and sweetened condensed milk. This was yummy!

Yum yum!

After lunch we went back to the house and we gave my dad his birthday gift.

We gave him a book called "The Longevity Project". Todd had heard a story on NPR about it and it was on his wish list. I like to give my dad books, so we bought it for him first.

In the evening we had dinner together at Fongling Bistro, then we left for the 2 hour drive home.

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  1. Sounds like a nice day that you spent with your dad. The food looks yummy, never tried taiwanese food before. Maybe this will be something new for me this year.


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