Monday, July 11, 2011

Girls Only Outing in La Jolla

Sally and Lara are two of my oldest friends. (Old as in we've been friends for a long time, not that they're old in age, LOL. We're all the same age.) We met in 7th grade, which means our friendship has lasted almost 30 years. That's amazing to me, every single time I think about it. Furthermore, we didn't grow up in San Diego, we grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area up north. We've all lived elsewhere too, but somehow all ended up here in San Diego now.

But the reason we planned a date to get together, just us girls, was because Lara's moving to Hawaii. We thought she was going to move at the end of July, but now it looks like her move will be delayed by a couple of months. That's okay! It just means we can get together at least one more time before she moves!

We met up at WhiskNLadle in La Jolla for lunch on Saturday. We chatted and caught up with our lives' current events, and we enjoyed some awesome food!

Sally had Porchetta and Egg Tartine (arugula, apple vinaigrette, grilled onion, farm egg and savory French toast)

Lara had the Cavatelli (house made sweet pork sausage, spicy broccoli rabe, piperade and ricotta salata)

I had Smoked Chicken Salad (arugula, fennel, roasted sweet potato, currants, curry vinaigrette)

After lunch we had to go move our cars, because the street parking was only for 2 hours. Then we walked around the streets of La Jolla and went into cute clothing shops and art galleries. There was a ton of people there. La Jolla can get crowded with tourists and locals alike during the summer months.

One thing that Lara wanted to do was visit Sunny Jim Cave. None of us had ever been there, even though we've all lived in San Diego for years. I'll save the photos and story for my New 52 blog post later this week!

After Sunny Jim Cave, we walked around on a hilly trail and saw the most gorgeous views!

We saw lots of kayakers out. The water and the sky were so blue on Saturday!


More pretty views.

After that, we walked back up to Prospect Street and had some gelato.

I didn't take any photos of our actual gelatos, because I hate melted ice cream and I had to eat it fast. In this case, I wasn't able to multi-task! :p

All too soon, it was 5:00PM and time for us to say goodbye and head home. But since Lara's move has been moved back a little bit, we plan to get together again in August! :) Oh! I almost forgot... I felt so chagrined when Lara brought us gifts! She brought us cute bags filled with Hawaiian goodies: 100% Kona Coffee, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and shell necklace.

Um... it was HER birthday recently, and the get-together was supposed to be because she was moving! So Sally and I treated her to lunch and gelato.

I'm totally looking forward to our next girls get-together again!


  1. Diane Enarson7/11/2011 9:09 PM

    I love reading about all your special "old" friendships. It's so amazing to have great girlfriends and especially when you've known them for as long as you have...and to know that there are certain friendships in life that no matter, how far you are, and where life might take you...they will always be there for you. Love it. And love of course seeing all the great yummy food photos too! :))

  2. A perfect girls day - the views are really pretty

    to have such a wonderful and long friendship is a great gift

  3. Great girls only day. I'm still friends with my oldest friend Becky who I met in 4th grade. I guess that means we've been friends for 30 years. Oh my gosh. I have to email her. LOL


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