Thursday, July 14, 2011

Noodle's 1st Birthday

Hi everyone! This is Noodle. Today is my birthday and Christine said I could write a blog post all about me, which is my most favorite topic!

As you know, I was born on July 14th. At least that's what it said on my adoption papers from the County Animal Shelter. I met Christine and Todd on December 27th. My previous hoomans were allergic to me (sadly) and gave me up. I was a little less than 6 months old when I met Christine and Todd, and about 5.5 lbs. I was a little scared and crouching in my cubicle/cage, when I saw Christine's face peering through the window. Suddenly my cage opened and I was scared to come out. Some hands came into my cage and lifted me onto the counter. I walked around a little bit and purred. I've been told I'm a good purrer. I purred loudly and I think Todd especially loved that. Then Christine held me in her arms and I settled into her arms and didn't struggle, and continued to purr. Before I knew it, some papers were signed and I got to come home with Todd and Christine a few days later. There was some mix-up at the shelter though, I don't know what that was about.

So now I'm a year old today, so I could be categorized as full-grown and no longer a kitten. Even though I now weigh a little over 12 lbs, I still act like a kitten. In fact, just last week, I scared the beejeezus out of Christine when I jumped from the second-story landing that's 12 feet high and landed on the tile floor below. I think she screamed "Noodle" and "OMG" and ran after me to see if I was alright. She kept following me around to see if I was limping. I was not!

Much to the chagrin of both of my hoomans, I also like to hide from behind the door or on the side of the staircase and dart out at their feet when they walk by. I think it's so fun, but they seem to get a little upset by it. I don't think they like to be surprised like that. They don't like it when I walk around on the kitchen counter either. But the reality is, I'm the king of the house. I usually don't get in trouble for very long. As Christine likes to say, my cute snout "saves my bacon". She loves my cute gray and white face, with my pink and black nose and my "soul patch" under my chin. Her friend Peppermint said that I look like a hip jazz musician with my soul patch. One look at my innocent face with the big eyes and some purring, and they forget whatever it was bad that I'd done.

When I was younger I loved to cuddle. I would climb onto Christine or Todd's lap and purr and stay there forever.

Nowadays I don't do it as much. Christine hopes it's a phase and I'd soon return to my cuddling ways. Truth is, I love to play more than anything. Even the vet says that I'm a "very active" cat. I can play with a fabric cord covered mouse by myself for a long time. I love to hide in packing papers and jump in and out of them. I get very interested when a new Amazon box comes and they pull out new brown packing paper. Score!

Christine and Todd have given me some nicknames, which they call me from time to time. Among them are Noodz (the most common one), Noodlicious, Noodle Doo, Noodiferous, and Noodifer. I like Noodifer the least. Whenever I do something extra-cute, or something that I'm not supposed to do, they usually say "Awww Noodz" and shake their heads.

My most favorite hangout nowadays is my padded perch that Todd put up for me on the windowsill by the kitchen. I'm up there a lot, watching birds and napping.

I also love it because it's the perfect height and it's right outside the kitchen, so I can watch Todd and Christine cook dinner. My second favorite hangout lately is right on the table where Christine keeps her Project Life stuff, in the craft studio. Christine doesn't like me messing with her scrapbooking stuff, but I love it up there. I'm a big fan of Project Life! It's my album too!

The vet also said I'm paw-oriented. I love to touch things and touch Todd and Christine with my paws.

Todd says I'm also "mouth-oriented", because I love to bite. Not bites that hurt, just little love bites on the hoomans' hands. I also love to lick their hands and faces, as if I'm grooming them. They don't lick back though. I meow a lot. I've got lots of different vocalizations, but my hoomans don't know what they all mean. They usually pay attention to me when I meow though, so I like that.

Life is pretty good, I have to admit. It's a little bit lonely during the weekday days when Christine and Todd are at work, but I spend most of that time napping anyways so it's not bad. I get play, enrichment, attention, and plenty of food and fresh water every day. They comb my fur, trim my nails, and even brush my teeth sometimes with a cat toothbrush.

And since my favorite food is roasted turkey, Christine is bringing a fresh roasted turkey breast home tonight for me, for my birthday! I'm so excited! Although, she said it's not JUST for me, that they get to eat it too. That's okay, I'll share since I can't eat it all anyways! :)


  1. Happy birthday Noodles! You're one lucky cat to have Christine and Todd as your family.

  2. Happy Birthday, Noodle!!!!! And no more showing off by leaping from the top of the 2nd story landing!!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Noodz!

    Age is just a number that our people se to remember how long they’ve been blessed by their cats’ presence! We’re almost 6 and 3, but we still like to play! Our parents call it the “inner-kitten.” Tell Christine to make some paper balls with that brown paper that comes from Amazon. They are SO much fun!

    Enjoy your turkey birthday cake!

    Kaline and Carla Patch
    Toledo, Ohio

  4. I think you've officially lost it. I may have to send a padded van to pick you up.

  5. In response to Noodle, Mo would like to say "You should have been orange" and Sisko says "Der? SPARKLES!"

  6. LOL!!!! Happy birthday Noodle ... enjoy your roasted turkey breast!

  7. Really needed this laugh today!

    Happy Birthday, Noodle..I think you are the bomb!

  8. So let me get this straight, Noodle--your hooman actually said "OH EM GEE" to you? not "oh my god?" :)

  9. Happy birthday, Noodle!

  10. Happy Birthday Noodle! Those Hoomans needed you. How was your turkey dinner?


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