Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week In The Life | Saturday

I took 35 photos on Saturday but I felt too sick in the evening to upload/process/blog them.

A lot of times in the morning when I come out of our bedroom, I'll find Noodle next door in the craft studio, on my smaller craft table.

I had some cereal and iced coffee for breakfast.

Around 10:30 AM we drove down to Harbor Island to run, as a change to our usual running scenery. Well, Todd ran and I walked, because my head was all stuffed up. It was a cloudy day, but the views were still awesome, just different than the "Sunny San Diego" that we know.

Tom Ham's Lighthouse Restaurant.

Sheraton Marina.

Todd and I crossing paths.

San Diego jutting out in the distance.

Running into Todd again.

Me walking, one foot in front of the other.

Finally I got back to the car and sat on a bench to enjoy the view of the bay, and Todd came back as well.

The best part of the day... lunch at Point Loma Seafoods! Even though I couldn't smell the food very well, so it wasn't quite as enjoyable as usual.

My scallop sandwich.

Todd's halibut sandwich.

Driving home on Harbor Drive.

We hung out on the couch a lot the rest of the day.

Well, I should say I did a lot, since I'm sick. Todd did a lot of house work actually. I finished picking out photos for my last four weeks of Project Life, then uploaded them to Costco. Went to pick up my photos at 7:00 PM, but they closed at 6:00 PM. Doh!

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  1. Like the scenery of your walking/running rout

    sad to hear you are feeling sick!


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