Monday, July 11, 2011

Currently | 07.11.2011

I've seen this type of "Current" list on some people's blogs and I thought I would give it a try myself. Seems like a good "list" way to summarize a "right now". :)

listening: the sound of my work computer humming, as well as the A/C at work.
reading: just downloaded the latest Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Series book (the 11th in the Sookie Stackhouse series)"Dead Reckoning" to my Sony E-Reader. Am excited to get started.
watching: "Barefoot Contessa" on Food Network. I love how Ina cooks but it's always to share meals with good friends and family. Love that part about the show.
eating: cereal and coffee for breakfast. But what I'm NOT eating is potatoes. It's a potato ban for the month of July. Yes, that does mean no french fries!
drinking: one cup of coffee in the am at work, then just water the rest of the day.
wearing: buttoned short-sleeve shirt over tank top, jeans, and clogs. Yes I'm very lucky that work is pretty casual.
feeling: a little overwhelmed with work but happy to have a job.
weather: sunny and 70, will probably get to 80 today.
playing: scrapped two weeks of Project Life this weekend. Look for an update this week.
wanting: a three day weekend again. I could get used to working 4 days a week, LOL.
needing: to clean up the clutter on my home office desk and scan documents.
waiting: for my new ice cream maker to arrive at our door.
enjoying: my new craft studio - I just love spending time in there.
thankful: for fun with some girlfriends this weekend. Girls whom I've been friends with since 1982!


  1. I like it - may have to do it too...

  2. Oh I love these kind of lists ... they give such a great insight into real lifes of my digi friends!

  3. How fun! May have to snag the idea...


    First the meatless no french fries?? Who are you?

    (so kidding here..I can't have french fries..ever. I miss them.)

  4. I hear you about the clutter, I gotta do some major decluttering myself. I can't wait to see your PL updates and maybe some ice cream ones too.


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