Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snowcapped Mountains

Photobucket I went out to lunch at Brett's BBQ with Yuri, Sandra, Swati, John, and Jay at work today. It reminded me to take a photo of Palomar Mountain all covered in snow. I had seen it briefly when I was driving to work, but couldn't get my camera out fast enough before the view disappeared. See, we have snow here! It's just in higher elevations. And in February 2002, we actually went snowboarding one morning and surfing in the afternoon on the same day. Our adventure was featured in the Nov/Dec 2002 issue of the AAA magazine "Westways". (See #4) The photo was really us, except that it was "re-staged" in September that year, LOL. AAA sent out a photographer to meet us at the beach so they could get a shot of the "eating burritos and watching the sunset" part of our story. The funny thing was that the photographer actually brought us burritos from Taco Bell, of all places. We didn't actually eat the "prop food". Photobucket (ETA: if you're having trouble getting into the Westway magazines site, use the zip code 90210 like my friend Christine did!) Dinner tonight was something new - Spicy Sweet-and-Sour Chicken: Photobucket We ate it with udon noodles and it was delicious! The flavor was very multi-faceted, which is always a good thing for the taste bud. I chopped up all the veggies and Todd made the sauce. Oh yea, be sure to come back tomorrow for a goodie!


  1. Christine, that is such a great pic in the mag! When I clicked on the link, it asked for my zip code. I foolishly put mine in and the mag was nowhere to be found so I went back and put in 90210 - the only Californian zip I know! LOL! What an incredible day that must have been! Actually, I was speaking with a woman from San Diego at Noah's gymnastics class last week. She's here for 2 years and having a hard time with our weather. She was so sweet. She said she didn't want to offend us at all but where she's from you can go play in the snow on the mountain and then head right back to the beach, where she lived. Yeah, I would prefer that lifestyle too!!!

  2. Yep...snow capped mountains! Love them. I didn't like them when I lived in Alaska. That was the termination dust, and it was the termination of summer...winter was on it's way!

    Super cool photo of you guys in the magazine!! How fun!

    Dinner looks great...I think I'll go get some peppers and make this tonight! Thanks for linking the recipes. I'm getting quite a folder saved. It is so much easier than dragging out my magazines every day!

  3. I think I am only of those few crazy people that just LOVES Taco Bell.

    Great pic of Palomar - I just love all the contrasts in Southern California.... your AAA blurb is another great example.

  4. Love the snow capped mountains..How do you even get to work with so many gorgeous places to take pictures? Can't wait to try the recipe..one of my goals this year is to try more Asian recipes, this looks like a great place to start..

  5. That is such a neat story!! I live in the valley and its so cool when it snows on the nearby mountains or I should say HILLS LOL ;-)

  6. Love the template! Thanks for sharing. What a sweet man to share his cherry concentrate! Can you please tell me what font you are using on your photos for journalling? I love it! Thanks!


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