Friday, February 6, 2009

Sunshine is taking a well-deserved break

Photo today: Photobucket It rained all day yesterday and today, and we're expecting a couple more inches of rain tonight! January & February is "rainy" season in San Diego, even though it's not even that much because we average only 10 inches of rain per year.
While listgirl takes a nap, I, her ever mischievous spouse have taken over the blog. I'm sure all of you are quivering in your slippers, wondering what mundane tales I have to tell. If that is indeed running through your mind, I will not disappoint you! No I will not. As readers of this blog are aware - yesterday was my birthday. I ate the good food, enjoyed all the accolades, stayed up till midnight...and then had to get up and get to work early. This is because my department was tasked with feeding my company this morning. Most departments buy some bagels and yogurts and call it a day. But when it is our turn? We purchase vast quantities of raw materials and started a-cooking. I can't take credit for this though I love feeding people. This was my bosses' idea. BTW, about 100 folks are employed at the San Diego headquarters. Maybe 3/4 of them will come upstairs for the free food. Here's one of the two 10lb bags of pancake mix. Photobucket And a bit of juice (it ran out). Photobucket Here is my boss, Carlo, on meat duty. We had 6 pounds of bacon and 4 pounds of sausage. It was not enough - the meat ran out. Photobucket The pancakes fared better. Amy and John did most of the pancake duty. If you wonder what I did besides standing around...let me tell you. I did a bit of pancake duty until John became very eager and pushed me aside. Amy the project manager had created a smiling schedule to help overcome the antisocial reputation that IT folks have. So I smiled on cue. And I ran around and grabbed stuff as needed. Mostly I stood around. Photobucket Photobucket We had power issues all morning as the wimpy work circuits couldn't handle more than one griddle. So the cords were snaking all over the building. Photobucket After the masses left and we were feeling a bit loopy, Amy decided to fling some food around. Well who wouldn't at that point? Photobucket And that's was that. I suspect the blog will go on lock-down tomorrow and I won't be able to get in for a while. But eventually I'll be just can't keep a prankster down.

Dinner tonight was Chicken Puttanesca with Angel Hair Pasta. Super easy and fast to make, and oh so delicious! Photobucket


  1. Todd -- Since my department was among the early arrivals, I can attest all of the IT team's efforts were well worth it. The food was great! You're smiling committee was great! You guys definitely set a very high bar for the rest of us this year.

    Good luck to you two running this morning in this weather. I'm up early to head out to Torrey Pines and help with an aid station for our group. I think I should get double Brownie points for working in the rain.

  2. Please, tell me how to make MY chicken look that yummy!

  3. Love the lush tropical backyard!! LOL Todd!! Looks like you guys had a fab breakfast though and lots of fun!

  4. Love your back yard it is very pretty. That breakfast that you did was outstanding and what a great idea.


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