Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There Will Be Cheese-Moving

Photo today: Photobucket With all the remodeling talk lately, it hit me today that my house will be chaotic for a couple of months, and that it will be different afterwards. I know I will love it in the end, but I'm worried about people moving my cheese... Uncertainty makes me uneasy. Dealing with the constant change in my house will be... unsettling. I like my cheese to stay put. :) If you don't know what I'm talking about and think "What does cheese have to do with anything?", I'm referencing the classic self-help book "Who Moved My Cheese?", dealing with changes in your life. Sometimes when I have a worried or pensive look on my face, Todd will ask me, "Did someone move your cheese?" Photobucket Tonight my dad called just to wish Todd a happy birthday. It's still 2 days away but he told Todd he's sending him a card. This is really a break-through! I was so proud of my dad that I told him so. My dad sounded proud of himself too, hee hee. You gotta understand my dad to know how huge this is! He's a big idea guy, not little detail guy. When my mom was alive she was the one who kept track of everyone's birthdays and anniversaries and sent cards. My dad never paid any attention to it. He's just not a detail-oriented person. And over the years I've gotten used to him being the way he is. I don't resent him or anything, because he doesn't forget on purpose, it's just the way he is. And I love him for who he is. He has tremendous strengths in other areas that other people don't have. BUT tonight was really special! Not only did he remember Todd's upcoming birthday, but he took the time just to call and chit-chat, and he was full of joy. Definitely a moment to remember. Dinner tonight was Buddha's Delight with Tofu, Broccoli, and Water Chestnuts, except that Todd skipped the water chestnuts because he doesn't like them: Photobucket Very healthy yet delicious vegetarian dish!


  1. I agree I would find it very hard to live in the house while the builders were there. This is a great photo, captures the idea perfectly.

  2. I'd never heard of that before. Very interesting...love the photo though! It is always hard for me having people in the house working, invading my space! But, it's so nice when it's all done.

  3. Interesting, I too have never heard of that book. I would hate the choas but love the results. great idea for a photo. And your dinner looks soooo yummy.

  4. great moving picture!!!

  5. I had heard of the book, but wasn't sure what it was about.

    Oh, how I hate change. Though a worrier, my husband has learned to be a go-with-the-flow guy and I am just not there yet. I like routine, consistency and predictability. We've moving this summer and I'm already dreading it, bc it will also be near a lot of traveling for work and vacation.

    Fortunately, your moving cheese will result in a fabulous new space where you can prepare lovely cheese trays for your friends and family. It will all work out. Just get takeout from Kung Food!


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