Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Hamburger That's Good For You

Photo today: Photobucket Yes, I know the scenery is fantastic and the ocean and blue skies can't be beat. But look at our shirts. LOOK! I finally got a chance to show off part of my Christmas gift from Todd. Oh as you can see, he gave himself a similar shirt so that we can WEAR IT TOGETHER and EMBARRASS ourselves in public. Can you tell I wear my shirt with pride? Can you see the pridey-ness? Giggle Since the weather was nice today and we are expecting cooler weather in the next few days, we decided to go out for lunch and a walk instead of holing up inside the house. We had planned to check out more home remodeling places but most of them were closed on Sundays. Go figure! We went to Burger Lounge in La Jolla, where the beef is organic free-range tallgrass-fed. It's really good! And good FOR you, compared to regular hamburger meat. (That's my excuse anyway...) Photobucket Then we walked around and I took photos of some gorgeous scenery. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Compare the next two photos. One I processed normally: Photobucket The other I used a default preset that came with Adobe Lightroom 2 called "Creative Direct Positive". I like the dramatic effect but it's not really for everyday photos. Photobucket Lastly, I took a panoramic photo with the stitch assistant function on my Canon SD850 IS. Then I used Photoshop's "Auto-Align Layers" and "Auto Blend Layers" functions to line and blend 5 photos together into one panoramic photo. The small scale on the blog doesn't do it justice, but the function is SO NEAT and I'll be trying it out again soon. Photobucket I finished my Project 365 Week 2 layout today: Photobucket So last night's movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" was actually quite entertaining. Except if you watched it with logic. Then it doesn't make sense and you start to question everything. Saw this at the Daily Digi today and just had to share. It's a LIST of 10 Things that Science Says Will Make You Happy. You can even download the PDF and print it out as a reminder. As a photographer, scrapbooker, and blogger, I can really relate to #1: Savor Everyday Moments. See what you think. Last but not least, please go check out this week's Digi Dare! We are scrapping about meaningful song lyrics and everyone who participates and link us up will receive a coupon price! We also have new features on the sidebar where you can sign up for an email list to remind you to check the Digi Dares page every week, which is very handy for those that are a bit on the forgetful side! Another option is to subscribe to our RSS feed, which is also on the side bar. Go check it! Here's my layout for the Dare: Photobucket Sorry for the long post today. Weekend posts tend to be that way! Be sure to come back tomorrow for a surprise. ;)


  1. Hey girl!! Don't you just love southern CA? Wow...gorgeous photos! Ihave the Canon SD 790IS for my point and shoot...I'll have to see if I have the stitch function on mine. I love that panoramic photo! I had to work today, so no getting out and enjoying the sunshine. Maybe tomorrow!

  2. I love your blog its so bright and fun to look at. Your shots are very beautiful and I am wishing I could be near the beach right now. I love the effect you tried on the waves and rocks great job. tfs ;-)

  3. Gorgeous Photos! I have given your blog an award, if you pop over to mine you can read all about it. ((HUGS)) T

  4. LOL, your t-shirts are so funny!! And gorgeous photos, all of them. The panorama looks fantastic, would be fun to see it in full-size.

  5. joelsgirl_Kellie1/19/09, 3:41 AM

    You guys are SERIOUSLY cute! I've added you to my bookmark toolbar, so I'll be stopping by daily. :) Love your blog!

  6. Love the panorama shot and the enhancement to the wave-crash photo. Don't you just love the Cove on a Sunday afternoon?!

    Very cute T-shirts too. Perfect place to wear them too. Did a lot of people look at you two and smile?

  7. Okay, those t-shirts are priceless!!! And yea, you should wear it proudly! And your photos are gorgeous and if you don't mind, I think I will spend the next 2 or 3 months living vicariously through you and soaking up your sunshine! And fantastic lo's!

  8. Haha, those t-shirts are the best. I could totally see your pridey-ness.

    Today's word verification is "Rovel" - as in "I rovel at your feet"

  9. Ha,ha! I've figured this thing out and here I am - commenting.
    You two are my favorite nerdy friends :) those shirts cracked me up! We MUST talk about the pan shot if you did something other than the autostitch. Ta,ta!


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