Monday, January 12, 2009

Legalism vs Intentions of the Heart

Some people are astounded that I've been processing, uploading my photos, and blogging every day. Do I think I'll keep this up for 365 days of this year? No, honestly I don't think so. But a failure to post on certain days isn't like some catastrophic event that I can't recover from, y'know? The intentions of photos and blogging every day is to capture the memories and thoughts as they occur, so that the details are not forgotten. But if one day I only have time to jot down something in a notebook, I'm not going to fret. You know why? Cuz I plan to back-date my posts to the day that the photo(s) were taken. Really. Why be legalistic about it? The intention of my heart is what's important. The intention of my heart is to remember each day as a special day, and back-dating my blog posts is just one way to relief that pressure off myself. After all, the stuff still happened on THAT day no matter when I blog about it. And I think Jesus understands and gives me permission to do this, so why wouldn't I give myself permission? Jesus was more concerned with the intentions/conditions of the heart, while the Pharisees were more concerned about legalism and outward appearances. So I feel free to post every day. Or not. :) Today's photo: Photobucket I sent a customer service email to the company that makes our treadmill (PaceMaster) and asked them how I can find out the life time stats of our treadmill that we purchased in 1998. They told me the buttons to push, and viola! 3229 miles. That means Todd and I together have run more miles on the treadmill than the longest point-to-point line across the continental United States. We're like, Forest Gump! Except it took two of us, and 11 years, ha ha! Todd made Curry Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner again. It was fantastic, again. Photobucket Be sure to come back tomorrow because I have a cool thing to announce!


  1. Do you ever cook? I'm totally jealous!

  2. Wow that soup looks divine!! I am going to be in serious need of a treadmill as soon as this baby comes LOL! I have been totally indulging.

  3. What a fun fact to know about the distance.. didn't even know it was possible to get that out of it. And the soup looks so yummy, good idea for dinner.

  4. Wow, what a lot of miles that is, no matter how many years in the making! I hope you and Todd have a great time with the WWRC. I love your daily blogging, by the way. Your posts are very "robust."


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