Monday, January 26, 2009

Year of the Ox

Photo today: Photobucket Today is Chinese New Year and it's the Year of the Ox! So what do we do to celebrate? Eat beef of course! Actually we didn't plan it that way, it's a coincidence. Tonight we cooked Filet Mignon with Peppercorn-Orange Sauce. Photobucket I say "we" because I actually did half the chopping and cooking today. :: proud look :: Photobucket The veggies are leftovers from yesterday. So, it being Chinese New Year and all, my thoughts went to my Chinese-ness. I feel like I'm losing my Chinese-ness day by day. When my mom was alive she only spoke Chinese Mandarin to me, so my Chinese remained quite fluent even though I've been living in the United States for 29 years, since grade school. Ever since she's been gone, I feel like I'm slowly losing the language and it really bothers me. I mean, I need to at least be able to read the Chinese menus in the good Chinese restaurants around town, you know? Photobucket My dad mostly speaks to me in English now. I don't know why, but he does. Probably out of courtesy to Todd. But Todd actually understands quite a bit of Chinese. He took a year of Chinese at Ohio State and knows enough such that we can't talk about him without him knowing most of what we're saying. Photobucket It's only been two years since my mom's passing and I've lost so much of the language already. I struggle to speak a complete sentence sometimes. I need to somehow practice my Chinese speaking and reading more often, so I don't lose my mother tongue so fast. One billion out of the six billion people on Earth speak Chinese, and I want to remain one of them!


  1. I hope you can find someone to talk Chinese to. That's a wonderful gift your mother gave to you to be bilingual. So many I know didn't speak their mother tongue to their children. They regret it now. Gorgeous photo, and I've bookmarked another recipe!!

  2. Kung Chei Fat Choi!!! Love the shots and the food looks yummy! :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your story. Dinner looks great I will be there tomorrow night lol. Its sad to think that when you have a skill and you don't use it you loose it. So use it girl!! ;-)

  4. Happy New Year !!!
    It is so great to know about your culture and share with our neighbours their happiness...

    Love,Happines and Health for this New year !


  5. Oh, what a beautiful picture.. the sky looks great!
    It is so rewarding to speak multiple languages. I've learned german for many years in school, but tend to forget now when I don't hear it as regular. For a while I took a conversational course at an evening school; we just got together and talked about various topics that the teacher suggested. Also watching tv helps me keep it up. Good luck!!

  6. Why do your meals look so much more appetizing than mine? YUM! Have you thought about volunteering at an English as a Second Language class (ESL) could help the students with their English, and they could help keep your Mandarin sharp. Here's to the Year of the Ox!
    Blessings to you!

  7. Get Todd Rosetta Stone so he can become more fluent and then you can practice your fluency every day together. :D

    I've all but lost my French and I'm so sad about that. Not because of heritage (though I believe I'm 1/16 French...or something like that) but because I used to be so fluent when I was a kid. I had 7 years of it during the best time to learn (ages 5-7) and since I didn't have anyone else to practice with once I moved, all I've retained are the basics. I plan on buying Rosetta Stone one of these days because I want to speak another language fluenty again. I'll start responding to all questions the kids & Scott ask me in French if that's what it takes to keep it next time around. LOL

  8. Hi sweetie, good luck with keeping the language, "if you don't use it you lose it" so try yout best! I am having a hard time keeping my Portuguese and teaching to the kids, but I will keep trying!
    I have tagged you on my blog:


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