Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally a cloudy day

After three straight weeks of sunshine and blue skies, we finally got a cloudy day and it even rained a little bit. Yea I know, you feel so sorry for me, right? ;P I have nothing to complain about. Even when we get cloudy or rainy days, it's a nice respite from the sun and something different, so I like it. Today's photo: Photobucket I'm happy to report that this week, I got up early on Monday, Tuesday, AND today and ran on the treadmill before work! I can't tell you the last time I've done that! Imagine that, actually following the training schedule that I got from West Coast Road Runners... it's actually a relief to run in the morning and get it over with. Then when I come home from work I'm not starving and dreading having to exercise before dinner. I've been watching my DVR'ed episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice while running, it makes it go by faster. Running indoors can get boring sometimes... okay, most of the time. Photobucket The Queen of Quirk herself (Jan Crowley) gave me the Fabulous Blog Award yesterday! I'm a HUGE fan of her blog and her sense of humor and writing style, so this is such an honor. Plus, she's a fabulous digi-designer and I love working with her stuff. I'll name five addictions that are different than last time (how many things can one be addicted to??):
  • scrambled eggs for breakfast from my work cafeteria
  • chocolate
  • singing
  • pizza
  • hugs
Five people I'm passing the award to:
  • Erika - love her dog Ebba and her photography.
  • Jennifer W (Simple Scrapper) - informative digi-scrapping blog aimed at keepin' it simple.
  • [i] love life - Kal Barteski's blog. She doesn't know me from jack, but I love reading about her life, her dog, her art, and her attitude about life.
  • Life Is Art - the Pixel Gypsy Sherrie Piegdon's blog - I always enjoy reading whatever Sherrie has to say. She's logical and explains things well. And writes well.
  • Kimberly Geswein's blog - they live in China now and I love her humorous take on life there.
On the deck tonight - crunching numbers to see how much kitchen & bath remodeling we can afford to do. FUN.

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  1. Friday is pizza night here (a.k.a the night mom refuses to cook. lol) and now that I've seen your photo for Thursday my mouth is watering and I'm starving! And thank you for the award! How sweet are you?!


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