Friday, January 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate Date

Photobucket The story of the hot chocolate date began in college in 1990. I was in my second year of college and Todd was in his first. He lived right down the hall from me in the dorms at Ohio State. We became good friends in fall of 1989 when we met, but there weren't any romantic notions yet. It was March 1990 and we were having our spring quarter final exams. The weather was still cold so we made a "date" to come back to the dorms after our exams and have hot chocolate together. One hot chocolate led to another, and two weeks later we began dating. :) The rest is history, as they say. We still have hot chocolate dates occasionally. Todd likes his with marshmallows, I like mine without. We make a point of sitting on the couch, snuggling up next to each other. It's just like the old times.


  1. Aww, that's such a cute story!

  2. I agree, that is a sweet story. I love how took the picture of the two ways you two prefer your hot chocolate.

  3. You two are just so cute! What a great tradition to keep!

  4. How sweet!! I have to go with Todd on this one though...gotta have marshmallows! I have that same Hilo Hattie mug...I think I saw it in another one of your photos once!!

  5. Awwwww, what a cute story.

    (P.S. my word verification word in order to post this comment is "Tubbo" - do you think blogger is trying to tell me something?)


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