Friday, May 25, 2007

Why don't I feel relaxed?

It is the Friday before a 3 day weekend and I don't feel relaxed! I still have lots to do for work... then lots on my personal to-do list. Fooey. I've been working at the computer too much, my right arm hurts.

Memorial Weekend To-Do:

  • Run 6 miles on Saturday, stay on training schedule.
  • Sign-up for AFC Half Marathon for real.
  • Finish "Make Your Photos Pop" class homework.
  • Make progress on organizing hobby room.
  • Make a few digital layouts from Cinco de Mayo pics.
  • Catch up on magazines.

Did I ever say I love John Mayer? I can listen to his music all day long. I can listen to his music when I'm working. I can listen to his music when I run. I listen in the car. Perfect for all occasions. If you don't have "Continuum" you should get it. Todd & I independently listened to it and came up with the same favorite song, "Stop This Train". Love the melody, love the lyrics. Then my friend William independently wrote about this song on his blog! And he wasn't even a John Mayer fan from the start. He only recently discovered "Continuum". Anyways, we're going to see John Mayer at Coors in a couple of weeks, I'm excited!

Found a few cool things on the 'net today:

Photoshop Foolery Fun

~from my Make Your Photos Pop class, I learned to Dodge. Look at the difference it makes. The leaves look way better in the second photo huh.

Then I learned the cloning tool. I combined two photos into one and even put a reflection of the cactus into the water.

Then I put the cloning skill to good use, and cloned the sand to take out all the distracting people on the beach. Not totally happy with the result as the sand and sky seems too washed out. I'll have to play with it some more later. Let me tell you, it's hard to remove the background elements around our hairs! Hair is very hard to "fix" well in Photoshop.


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