Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Goodbye Veronica

Last night came and went as Veronica Mars quietly exited the tv kingdom. The CW has canceled VM after 3 seasons. Todd and I watched the two hour series finale and bid her goodbye. I'm sad that yet another smartly written show with a strong female lead character has gone away. Just like Buffy. I only watch 3-4 tv shows regularly, and this was one of them. I don't like shows like Lost, where the mythology goes on and on and nothing gets resolved. I can't bother to give them one hour of my time a week, only to have no resolution at year's end. I hate that. Won't do it. I hate reality shows. Todd and I might be the only people in the USA who don't watch American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. The thing about reality shows... who really cares? I guess millions of Americans do. To me it's unscripted dumbed-down tv. I don't like to remind myself how depraved human beings can be, or why Darwinism SHOULD work for those idiots they show on tv. So goodbye Veronica. It never rains in southern California.

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  1. David Foster Wallace says that reality tv is not really the lowest common denominator, but the highest. This is because base tastes across the culture are pretty similar but refined tastes are not.

    So we as a culture all seem to enjoy finding the next top pussycat stripper. (Present company excluded of course.) And watching people get hit in the crotch. I think everyone likes that.

    But we collectively don't enjoy the same kinds of more smart, artistic things as each other. For instance, I'd love a show about a jazz-funk musician, but who else would?

    So a show like Veronica only has the potential for so many viewers. Then the CW compounded things by (a) being the CW and (b) trying to market it as a teen soap (cause they want teen viewers).

    So now here we are, Mars-less. Long live DVDs!


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