Thursday, May 17, 2007

lala, lulu, and a music offer from me

Bet you're wondering what I'm talking about eh?

I've joined It's a CD trading service. So remember how over a month ago I blogged about how I wanted to organize a bunch of my stuff, including my music collection? I have gone through my CD's and put a pile of "no longer like" CD's together. Then I signed up at and entered my CD's that I'm willing to trade, along with Todd's CD's. Then someone who wants one of my CD's just puts it in their "Want" list, and I get an email saying that one of my CDs got requested. So then lulu sends me a pack of 5 CD mailers with postage paid and everything, and all I have to do is put the CD in and send it to that person who wanted it. Then, I can get one CD from my own "want" list, but not necessarily from that particular person that got my CD. Get it? It's like community trading. You send one, you get one. So far I've put in 80 CD's that I no longer want, and 4 of them have been requested. I'm just waiting for my lala mailing envelopes to come so I can send them off. This is WAY better than a garage sale I must say.

Then I came upon Lulu is a site where you can self-publish books. So if you have ideas for a photobook or any other type of book, you can write it and self-publish it there. There's no set-up fees and no minimums, so it's really reasonable. The possibilities are endless. You can then sell the book on Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and at lulu itself. I just think that's so cool. I'm a sometime freelance writer and enjoy fantasizing about publishing my own book about something, sometime. This is one avenue if you don't get signed by a publishing house.

Speaking of music, and speaking of self-publishing... we have a bunch of CDs left over from when Todd was a part of the band The Northstar Session. They recorded and self-produced one full-length CD titled "One Way Ticket", and one EP (5 songs) called "Little Lies".

Since it's sunk cost, I'll make you an offer. I'll send you both CD's for $5. Just email me if you want them. Here's a sample of two songs from One Way Ticket and one song from Little Lies. Todd played all piano & organ, and sang back-up too.

You can also sample more songs from Little Lies here.


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