Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Google Thyself

Have you ever wondered what you'd find when you google yourself? Or maybe you've already done so. I googled myself and found a few items of interest. I also discovered that there are tons of other people out there with my same name. Did you know that if you googled "listgirl" you won't find me? It's cuz my blog is "unlisted". I don't list it in Blogger and I don't submit it to search engines. Basically, I don't want any creeps accidentally finding me. This blog is just for me and people I know. Listgirl is unlisted, ironic. ;-p Here are notable things I found when I googled myself:

Want to know what kind of stuff is on the web about yourself? I found this article about how to keep track of yourself on the internet. Pretty cool. I like this Geek To Live column.

1 comment:

  1. Apparently I have written a book called Nasty People, build experimental helicopters, am gaining a reputation as a classical singer, am charged with accounting fraud, sell real estate in Austin, have written a book called Nasty Women, and had a baby girl in January. And that's just the first page of my Google results. You have to get down to the bottom of the second page to find me!

    I am tired.


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