Monday, May 7, 2007

Bright Sunshiny Day

The Santa Ana winds are here. That means the sky is the bluest it can be, and there are no clouds. It is so clear that I can see the ocean from the end of my street. I can also feel the dryness on my skin and in my throat. Gotta drink more water these days! I heard the winds coming in the middle of the night Saturday. Yesterday and today it's been very warm and dry. It's the warmest this year yet. When I see blue skies like this, it reminds me of the day we moved here. It was the middle of December and we had just escaped some cold weather in Ohio. We got off the airplane at Lindbergh Field, with our cats in tow. We were driving out of the rental car place when we turned on the radio and the first song we ever heard in San Diego was "Bright Sunshiny Day" by Jimmy Cliff. We took it as a sign of things to come. :-) We still talk about it sometimes and this song will always have a special place in our hearts. Click on the pink "play" button above to listen to it.
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