Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Who broke the weather?

Today is yucky outside! Who broke the weather??? I was going to go outside for my 2 mile walk at lunch (cuz that's an extra 175 calories I can burn), but it was cold, damp, gray, and windy. So I didn't go. :-( What happened to the 85 degree summer weather we had this past weekend? Aloha Taylor the weather person on Fox 6 said it's going to be unseasonably cold all week. How can we celebrate Cinco de Mayo wearing scarves and long-johns?! On the upside (yes, there's always an upside), running outside is nice when it's cooler out. You can last a lot longer. So, I've been trying to lose 5 lbs but the scale hasn't budged yet. I'm stuck at 117.5 lbs. I've been doing squats, lunges, and upper-body weights, so I'm convinced that I've lost fat and gained muscles, even if the scale stayed the same. I look thinner... I think. Besides running & walking, I'm also doing one hour aerobics interval classes twice a week (at work, with a few women friends). So stay tuned... when I'm at my goal weight, I'll treat you all to ice cream!


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