Tuesday, May 8, 2007

So efficient

I was eating my lunch at my desk at work, when my coworker Mark came by to see me about his May revenue outlook. He saw my lunch and said, "you're so efficient even in your culinary needs". It cracked me up. He explained by saying, "you have your lunch in your little lunch box, and you have your pickles in your little ziplock bag". I never thought of it as being efficient. How else would I pack my lunch? Are finance people automatically assumed to be "efficient"? Or is it because of my no-nonsenseness at work? Either way, I thought it was funny. Did you ever notice that the packed lunch has kinda gone by the wayside? Is it because people no longer cook at home, so they don't have leftovers to pack a lunch? Or is it because people think they're "too good" for packed lunches and they have to keep up the appearance of wealth by eating out all the time? Is packing your own lunch like a "big dork" kinda thing? Don't they know that you GET rich (and thinner) by packing your own lunches???


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