Sunday, May 6, 2007


Four weeks ago I had set the goal at my Nike + iPod online account to burn 3500 calories in four weeks by running with my Nike + iPod. These calories burned would be only from running, not from the extra walks at lunch, weight training, or aerobics interval class. So yesterday, which was the LAST day of the challenge, I ran 6.01 miles at Miramar Lake and came in with 3,614 calories burned in four weeks. Goal! I ran a total of 41.44 miles during that time. After 3 weeks I was behind the straight-line pace, so I had to run over 15 miles last week to catch up and achieve the goal. Now I've set a new goal to run 50 miles in the next 4 weeks. Yesterday's run was so awesome! I ran 6 miles and I could have ran at least another mile. I felt so good and so energetic. I've decided that the BEST time to run is actually in the evenings. The sun wasn't directly on me and it was cooler, so I was able to just go and go and go. Plus Miramar Lake was totally not crowded during dinner time. Of course, I could have been so energetic because of the THREE cups of coffee I had earlier in the day! But that's another story for another posting. Hee hee. iPod Playlist for the run (set on shuffle):
  1. Tristan Prettyman - "The Story" - 2:56
  2. The Fray - "All At Once" - 3:48
  3. Jack Johnson - "It's All Understoood" - 5:29
  4. Shania Twain - "If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!" - 4:13
  5. Switchfoot - "You Already Take Me There" - 2:42
  6. Jack Johnson - "Belle" - 1:43
  7. Elton John - "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" - 5:38
  8. Switchfoot - "Playing for Keeps" - 3:43
  9. Barenaked Ladies - "Adrift" - 3:35
  10. Elton John - "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" - 4:44
  11. Sheryl Crow - "Lucky Kid" - 4:04
  12. Elton John - "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" - 3:53
  13. U2 - "Crumbs from Your Table" - 5:03
  14. John Mayer - "Great Indoors" - 3:36
  15. John Mayer - "Why Georgia Why" - 4:29

That's the risk you take when you put the iPod on shuffle! Sometimes I "rediscover" cool songs I don't remember I have. Other times I'm running and if ANOTHER SLOW Elton John song comes up, I just wanna wring his neck!


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