Friday, May 4, 2007

Go big or go home

I'm a big believer in giving it your all if you're going to do something. No sense doing something halfway. Go big or go home I say! If you give it your all and the end result turns out not what you expected, you can still say, "I gave it my all and I have no regrets". No woulda, shoulda, coulda. This applies, of course, to the bigger things in life. I'm not saying that I always get 100% of the smudges off the mirrors when I clean, or that it's imperative that things be perfect. Go big or go home on the big stuff. Like, if you really like someone, ask them out. Worst thing that could happen is they don't like you back, then you move on. At least you know. If it's your lifelong dream to travel somewhere, then go. Don't just sit around talking about it. I thought about this because in the latest episode of Veronica Mars, Piz, who has liked Veronica secretly since the beginning of the year, finally employed the "go big or go home" strategy. His friend Wallace had told him to "go all in", and not just sit around pining for Veronica. So at a party, when Veronica was trying to let Piz down easy, he scooped her face into his hands and gave her a big kiss. Then he walked out of the party. Wallace saw him walking out and said, "leaving already?" and Piz said, "yea, the night can't get any better. I went all in." At this point I was sitting on the couch sobbing, because that's what I do. He had given all his heart and "went all in", took the big risk. Despite the end result, he was satisfied. See what I mean?


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