Monday, May 7, 2007

TV Theme Song Nostalgia

I was reading my friend Jay's blog today. Entertainment Weekly magazine had come out with "The Sci-Fi 25" list, it's their "Geektastic List of the Best Movies & TV" in Sci-Fi. So Jay came up with his own list here. Jay is not the owner of Flippin Channels for nothing! So then I asked him what about Quantum Leap and Voyagers? They weren't on his list. So that led me to find the theme song of Quantum Leap on the internet, because I remember liking it when I used to watch that show. Once I found that at a TV theme song website and watched the opening credits, I was mesmerized. I got the "TV theme song" nostalgia. So I went and found a bunch of TV theme songs and opening credits that I used to love. My list of favorite TV theme songs (not comprehensive and not in any order):
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