Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One Thing Leads to Another

I guess they don't call it the world wide web for nuthin'. When I try to find something on the internet, I always find a bunch of other interesting things. One thing leads to another, and before I know it, I've got tons of links saved in my Yahoo Bookmarks. If you haven't found Yahoo Bookmarks, I highly recommend it. It's like the "Favorites" folders in Internet Explorer, except way better because it's portable. You can just sign in to Yahoo from any computer and all your bookmarks are there. I love it and can't save enough stuff to it. Another great tool is the Google Reader. You need a free google or gmail account to use it, but that's easy enough to get. You subscribe to the RSS feeds from websites and other people's blogs, and then you can see when there's new stuff there, all from one place, the Google Reader! I love it because I can see at a glance all the people I cyber-stalk, whether they've updated their blogs or not! :-p Interesting things I found recently:
  • I subscribe to the Budget Travel magazine blog. Today I found this article regarding the upcoming season of "5 Takes" on the Travel Channel. I've seen the "5 Takes: Pacific Rim" episodes before, so I think the "5 Takes: Latin America" will be interesting as well.
  • Veronica Mars is being "revamped" and it's looking more and more like it'll be picked up for the fall season! Read about it here. Clap, clap, so excited!
  • One of the creative women that I follow, Tara Whitney, started her own photography business. I looked at the photos she's taken at her website, and I am in love. I want her to take pictures of me and Todd. I'm going to save up some money for this, because it's not cheap. But just look at her photos! She lives in SoCal, so she does do photo shoots in San Diego County. So excited!
  • Tara Whitney's photos just *POP*, the colors are so vibrant. So I googled "photos that pop" and found a Photoshop Elements class called "Make Your Photos Pop!" I enrolled right away, it is a 6 week online class with homework. So look for "before" and "after" photos from me soon! I found a website of someone who took the class, and just look at what she's done with her photos!
  • The Burrito Chronicles at There's only 2 entries there so far, and I've been to El Zarape MANY MANY times. So I'm going to Santana's for my next burrito!
  • Andy the barista from Cafe de Fred (our next door neighbor). Todd and I chatted with him for a long time at the Cinco de Mayo party on Sat. Turns out he's a foodie (see his reviews/posts at Chowhound), a photographer (see his Flickr albums), a bookworm (see his books at Library Thing), a classical guitar player who is good friends with the Romeros, legendary first family of flemenco guitar from Spain who live right here in Del Mar. He even got to go to the event when the Grammy's honored the Romeros! So interesting! It's not everyday you meet someone interesting like that. Ok, I didn't cyber-stalk him, he gave me his card with his Flickr name on it, and I clicked on the links from there, okay?!
  • - a website where people make list of 43 things they want to do/achieve, and they connect with other people who want to do the same things. It's like list-making taken a few steps further!

Alright, that's all for now. Time to go run 3 miles. This list should keep you busy for a while! :-)


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